One of my hobbies is playing war games.

When I was a teenager, my buddies and I played the Axis and Allies game hundreds of times. There was a good chance the game was set-up at one of our houses at any time.

Even to this day, I still enjoy war board games.

That’s part of where my passion for internet marketing comes from.

It’s about the strategy.

You need to keep an eye on what the competition is doing.

And no matter how well you plan, the dice won’t always go your way.

In online marketing, that means the ad you expected to be a home run turns into a strike out instead.

Or the product you invested a lot of time into isn’t nearly as profitable as you planned.

I’ve experienced both.

It has caused me to become more cautious over time.

For example, I surveyed my list just a few weeks ago to find out what was most important to my readers.

I wanted to make sure that any content produced was right for you…BEFORE I produce it.

But that’s not the only way you can ‘guarantee’ success before you move forward.

I use my email subject lines to test product titles. Then I compare open rates to see which ones are the biggest stand-outs.

You can run small Bing or Facebook ads to test product titles also.

If you’re curious about whether your list may be willing to buy an information product, you could test the concept as a free webinar first.

If you can’t get people to register for free, it’s going to be tough to sell it!

I’ve had clients who set-up in a brand new niche market. Instead of immediately creating their own product, we started off by testing their funnel with an affiliate product.

We came up with a product concept and they created a matching ethical bribe to persuade people to join their email list.

But they didn’t create their sellable product yet. They only created the free gift for opt-ins.

They registered as an affiliate for a product that was similar in concept to the one they were considering creating.

And they promoted that affiliate product on their thank you page for their initial test. This took a little time to set-up, but it was a lot faster than creating a brand new product!

If they had trouble generating leads and selling them the affiliate product, they could rethink their approach. Or they could survey the list of leads if they were subscribing but not buying.

By the time they created their product, they already knew they could generate leads and sell it.

They had a strategy to win the game.

The July issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is coming out in just a few days.

It’s all about “Income Funnel Turbochargers.”

If you can produce a funnel that earns more than the competition, then you can dominate any source of advertising you choose.

There are a lot of little tweaks you can use in your funnels to maximize your profits.

Which one of these profit enhancing tips from this issue will be the key to you winning the Internet game?

And of course…you get all my incredible free gifts to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life…just for saying maybe to the Club.

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Terry Dean
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