Overwhelmed. Burned-out. Exhausted.

Those are all common descriptions I hear about entrepreneurs today.

I’ve had multiple clients come to me because they were consistently working 60 to 80 hours a week.

They started their business so they could have freedom, but they felt even more trapped than ever before.

There are so many moving pieces in a business. They found themselves chief cook and bottle washer.

Produce content. Generate traffic. Send emails. Participate on social media. Create sales copy. Do customer service. Manage their website. Fix the computers!

It can feel like you’re always behind.

And here’s the worst part.

They felt stuck…and couldn’t see any way out.

It felt like being on a treadmill that was constantly being turned up in speed…until they just couldn’t take it anymore.

Any moment they would collapse and it would all come crashing down.

Here’s why this scenario is so dangerous.

It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

You’re doing everything. But when you’re trapped doing all the day-to-day work, you’re not able to focus on the activities that bring in the money.

You can’t spend time on the strategy.

You can’t put new systems in place.

You might not even have time to train team members to take things off your plate.

And if you let it go on too long, your income starts going down…and you don’t even have the money to outsource any of the work to others.

You end up working more, earning less, and hating life!

Eventually, you either burn-out and lose it all…or make a choice to do something different.

Delegating some of the work may be the answer, but I always ask clients a few questions before they start delegating.

The first question is whether anyone even has to do the activity at all?

The ‘Should-Do’ list of most entrepreneurs is a mile long. You have all kinds of things you COULD be doing. Part of creating a successful life and business is focusing on only the most important activities for you right now.

For example, instead of trying to start 3 new advertising sources all at once, focus on getting one source of traffic up and optimized first.

Quit trying to participate in half a dozen social media sites. Focus on one only…if any at this point in your business (several of my most successful clients barely even visit any social media sites themselves).

Don’t try to launch multiple new websites all at the same time.

Once you figure which activities you can cut back, you move into ways to automate your business.

For example, in customer service you likely have the same questions come up time-and-time again.

You could create a FAQ and put together templates that make it much quicker to answer those questions.

Take this step before you hire someone to take over the customer service.

The same principles apply to whatever you want to delegate.

Break the cycle of working more and earning less.

Concentrate on what brings in the money.

Eliminate, automate, and delegate the rest.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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