In my last post I talked about tapping into your origin story and the reason your product or service exists.

Every brand has a story behind it. They invite you to experience their lifestyle.

When you Find a Story That Works, Live That Story, Make It True, Authentic, and Subject to Scrutiny. All Marketers are Storytellers. Only the losers are Liars.
Seth Godin – All Marketers Tell Stories

In other words, you don’t just make up a story.

You find a true story that works for your product/service.

You share one of the real reasons your product or service was created. You can test different angles of the story until you’ve refined the telling of the story, but it needs to be true and authentic.

As your business grows, you can also tap into case studies from your customers and clients.

People buy based on emotion and justify that decision with logic.

Your story taps into that emotion. It becomes a message your customer evangelists can share with others.

And it becomes the basis of your World Domination Master Plan.

One of the ways you find your story is by looking at the reason your product/service exists.

Why was the product created? What problem caused you to create your website? Why should your product or service exist when there are already dozens (or hundreds) of other options?

Here’s an example.

Dr. Glenn Livingston and I created the Growth Acceleration System™ to train business coaches to turn their passion for marketing and business into a lucrative, rewarding and fun career using our proven turn-key systems.

There are already quite a few different business coach training organizations. So who needs another one?

NONE of these organizations have the combined experience with digital marketing that Glenn and I have. While several have communities, none have such active communities with so many business growth experts who are actively sharing advice with each other daily.

Both Glenn and I have sold out coaching programs with waiting lists of several hundred people. And we regularly get requests for coaches with specific areas of expertise.

So we’re sharing our knowledge…and our tools to help a limited number of coaches become those niche experts.

This is all part of the story behind our program. If a current or prospective business coach is looking for a lifestyle practice with the best marketing training, support, and tools, then our community may be the right place for them if they qualify.

Our story revolves around our own coaching practices and experiences. Glenn and his companies have sold over $30,000,000 in coaching and consulting Fortune 500 companies, and I’ve helped multiple clients set-up their own business coaching practices in niche fields.

We only accept new coaches a few time a year…and we will be taking applications next week.

Now I want you to think about your own story.

The story is a starting point. It’s why you started your business or created your product. It’s what separates you from the competition and also calls out to a specific portion of the market.

Once you know what the story is, then you can begin sharing your message as the next step in your World Domination Master Plan.

The May issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about tapping into your World Domination Master Plan for owning your niche market.

It will be available in PDF inside the side and mailed out to you by postal mail tomorrow, May 1st, but you have to join today to get your issue in the mail.

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