Stories sell.

Great stories bypass our filters and connect with us emotionally.

That’s a lesson that took me a long time to realize, and I still have to constantly remind myself of it.

Stories don’t come naturally to me.

I’d rather lay out all the facts in systematic order.

And there’s a place for that, but it’s NOT in email.

Email is a short bite of information. It’s a quick jolt of inspiration. It’s a short story that leads to action.

It’s simply not the right medium for in-depth teaching.

An email has room for one short story…one parable that illustrates a lesson that helps move your readers from where they are to where they need to be.

Some business owners are so focused on hustling that they don’t feel they have time to read fiction or watch movies.

But I’ve found it not only relaxing but productive.

I love fantasy fiction, and watch a little TV, usually older series.

Fiction can introduce you to a new world, built out of someone’s imagination.

As an entrepreneur you’re building a new world of possibilities too.

Think of email like a TV series which uses the same characters from week-to-week, but each episode has a different story.

My wife and I have recently been watching Star Trek: Enterprise with Captain Archer on Amazon Prime.

The formula for TV shows like this is pretty simple.

They bring up a problem in the first few minutes of the show.

They spend the majority of the episode dealing with this problem…perhaps with one or two other little subplots added in…bringing it to a resolution by the end of the show.

The next episode will introduce a totally new problem (except for a few ‘to be continued’ episodes).

You could drop in almost anywhere in the series and understand what’s going on.

Email is a lot like that.

You’re the ongoing character, along with supporting characters such as family members, partners, or clients. Your over-arching goals stay the same…such as experiencing the freedom of an Internet Lifestyle business.

In each email you introduce a new problem.

It could be one you personally faced, something a client overcame, or even a question sent to you by email.

You give a single step or a few steps toward the solution without going deep into the solution.

Each email is a taste of the process.

Add in a few credibility tidbits.

And point to the full solution at the end.

Describe how your product or service solves the problem.

And ask them to take action.

It’s a formula that has been proven to work for 24 years now.

This email itself just shared a 1,000 foot overview.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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