I was desperate.

I had bounced from one dead end job to another…and I was at the end of my rope delivering pizzas for Little Caesars.

There wasn’t a Plan B if the Internet didn’t work for me.

I didn’t have a clue about the millions I would earn…the thousands of customers I would meet…and all the multi-million dollar businesses I’d have an opportunity to work with over the years.

My goal was simply to find a way out of debt and out of that dead-end job.

I started in Compuserve discussion groups (dead and gone years ago).

I found groups related to home business, participated in them, and dropped a few links over to my ugly website.

When people visited my site, they had an opportunity to download a free report in exchange for their email address.

I purchased licenses to a few reports, self-help videos, and direct mail videos.

I experimented with content, pitches, stories, and pretty much everything else you could imagine in those early emails.

I was terrified.

What if it didn’t work?

What if no one was even opening these emails?

What about the nasty messages I received from people saying I spammed them?

Sales started to trickle in. First $20. Then $50. Multiple sales at $50.

I had a mental block early on and didn’t believe anyone would spend more than $50 online, but that was enough starting out.

That little trickle of $50 sales turned into a flood…and within just a few months I was generating a full-time income and paying off my debts.

Soon I added additional products. I broke the self-imposed $50 barrier and sold a $197 product. Backend items were added such as monthly continuity and high ticket offers.

My income multiplied.

But it all started with those first few sales at $20 and $50.

You have to earn $100 before you earn a million.

Compuserve is long gone, but I’ve spoken to several people who’ve launched their businesses recently using the exact same strategy with Facebook groups.

And it’s even easier today. Find groups related to a topic of interest. Participate in them. Check their rules and what’s appropriate. Find some that are OK with you sharing a link here and there to great content on your site.

Put up a simple WordPress blog using a free theme and create a couple of ‘pillar’ posts of great content. Add an opt-in form to a ‘content upgrade’ which gives them even more value (such as cheat sheets or templates that help with the subject.

Start growing your list.

Send out Infotaining emails that mix in your personality with content and offers.

Of course, you don’t have to start with Facebook groups. You could produce Youtube videos instead. Or write guest posts on popular blogs. Or start with paid advertising on Facebook or Bing.

You just need to choose a traffic method that taps into a hungry audience…and use it to build your list.

Start out promoting relevant affiliate offers for a share of the profits.

Make your first few dollars online. Grow your business from there.

One of the free bonuses that comes with my Monthly Mentor Club is a “Starting From Scratch.”

It covers what I would do today starting from scratch…including building your list and how to overcome the overwhelm you’ll likely face in the beginning.

It’s just one of over a dozen bonuses you receive instantly when you give the Club a try…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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