In my last email I talk about how desperate I was starting out.

This meant doing whatever it took to succeed.

I didn’t have much money and buying anything meant going into debt for it. So I only purchased a couple of marketing courses starting out.

But I tore those courses apart. I went through them multiple times.

Most importantly…I put them into action.

But they didn’t always work ‘as written.’ They were about direct mail and direct marketing so they didn’t apply directly to the Internet. In addition, I’ve found over the years that there are slight variations in every market. Plus you’re a unique individual who needs to tap into your own advantages.

Testing was the name of the game. If one technique didn’t work, I’d try something else.

It had to work.

There wasn’t any other option.

And in some ways that was an advantage for me.

In my online journeys I’ve run into many people who buy one course after another.

Not for implementation.

But to put another feather in their cap.

They want to understand everything and get every little element in place before they start.

That is impossible!

There is no guarantee any specific plan will succeed. You’ll never be 100% certain of your plans until you get them moving.

Those little disclaimers you see on websites are real. They can’t guarantee your success, because they don’t know your background, your market, or how you’ll implement their advice.

As an information product seller, the ‘refund’ complaint that annoys me more than anything else is if someone says “I already knew this.”

The question is whether they have implemented it yet or not.

I had a marketer with more experience than me hire me for coaching a while back…and my first piece of advice to him was something he would have already known.

But it was something he wasn’t implementing.

Even the most experienced of us have blind spots.

He took the advice because he was an implementer. And it paid off.

It doesn’t matter what you know.

It only matters what you implement.

There are no awards in marketing for collecting the most knowledge.

In some ways it can become a disadvantage.

It’s easy to fall into Analysis Paralysis.

You keep collecting more and more information without implementing it.

Income comes from implementation and testing.

The bank isn’t going to do a pop quiz on your knowledge when you deposit your checks.

What will you implement today?

And if you’re looking for help in the journey…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s about more than just information. You’ll get the same advice I’m sharing with my private clients every month…plus access to the private members-only forum and a monthly webinar where you can get all your questions answered.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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