I’ve never done a video standing beside a Ferrari.

Nor do I show photos of a mansion or a yacht.

And you’ll definitely never see me do a video while driving. People have accidents because of texting, and somehow shooting a video is safer?

Sure, all of those grab eyeballs. They paint a picture of a rich and famous lifestyle.

But I lost the desire to try and impress others by buying things I don’t care about years ago.

A lot of people are afraid to be real because of all the exciting things they see their ‘friends’ doing on Facebook and other social media sites.

The snapshots you see are just a glimpse. They’re not real day-to-day life.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine did a recent study that showed those most frequently checking social media throughout the week had 2.7 times the likelihood of depression.

And part of that stemmed from the “highly idealized representation of peers” on social media sites.

I’m a hardcore introvert. I enjoy being alone.

Some of my favorite activities including reading fantasy novels, hiking, watching movies, and playing with my dogs. You’re more likely see my wife and I outdoors or at the library than at a concert.

The Internet gives you freedom.

I work from home, because that’s what I enjoy. I have clients who work from home, from a local coffeeshop, or from an actual office with their team.

Some spend months traveling the world.

Several have homes in multiple locations so they can travel south for the winter.

Others are similar to me where they live lifestyles that none of their neighbors have a clue about what they do or how much they earn.

What’s the point of all this?

Be free. Be yourself.

You don’t have to put on a completely different persona when you communicate with your list.

You don’t need to imitate anyone else.

In fact, you shouldn’t try to be anyone else. You’ll never be exactly like your favorite expert.

And that’s a good thing.

Be who you are. Enjoy it. Share from your life. I share simple messages from my heart like this one. I talk about Thor and Indy (my German shepherd and golden retriever).

Recently someone asked where I grew up. When they found out it was Richmond, Indiana, they mentioned they guessed it was the Midwest from my openness, honesty, and writing style.

You are who you are because of a lifetime of experiences which got you to this point.

Be who you are instead of trying to imitate anyone else.

Attract the right audience for your business.

And if you’d like help discovering the right message for you…and how to integrate your life into emails that attract a buying audience…check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

You’ll get templates to help you create powerful, order producing emails. But it’s so much more than this.

You’ll also discover how to step into your own personal identity online. You’ll understand how to share from your life effectively…and produce emails that draw customers to you for years and even decades.

This has been my secret for over 21 years of online success…


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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