Two clients asked me this past week about how to breathe life into a dead list.

Both of them have been collecting emails from their website for the past 6+ months, because they know that’s something they’re ‘supposed’ to do.

But they’ve been so busy with their current clients that they have taken time to send out emails at any regular frequency.

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot over the years.

Sometimes life gets in the way. Or you’re building multiple lists and some of them are getting lost in the cracks. Or like these clients, business is booming and your attention is elsewhere.

I like alliteration and my basic model of email follow-up is Entertain, Educate, and Earn.

Tell a story. Bring up a popular question. Mention a book, movie, song, or anything else from pop culture.

Use a hook that mixes in a benefit along with curiosity.

Good emails aren’t just information. They’re infotainment.

Provide some education. There’s a moral to the story.

Include value that’s easy to digest.

That’s an important point you hopefully don’t skip over.

Intense step-by-step systems are a better fit inside your products. Publish more detailed training in a video or blog post and use email to link to it.

Keep your emails on the lighter side. Give value that’s easy-to-digest so someone can read through it, pull out a few great tips, and move on to the next step.

And finally transition your email into an offer. You don’t need to be hard sale. Sure, you can do specials with a hard deadline. Use scarcity. Motivate people to take action.

But almost all your emails can give customers the opportunity to buy.

That’s the model you see me following continually. The little pitch you see at the end isn’t in your face.

You’re getting value from the email, and there is a light transition into one of my offers where you can take the next step.

But let’s get back to the dead list.

With dead lists, I still follow this model, but I hold off on giving the opportunity to buy for the first couple of emails. We go heavier on the content while keeping it entertaining.

Since you don’t want to get too detailed in an email itself, my usual recommendation is for the client to use a video, audio, or longer piece of content as a gift in one of these emails.

That way we can keep the email on the shorter side and we link over to the more valuable piece of free content on their blog.

You can create an entirely new piece of content or you can use something you already have.

Most of my clients already have a piece of content that’s a good fit for the gift.

We send that out. We send another couple of emails with value and not much of a pitch (although we still may drop a teaser link in a PS).

And then we continue emailing from there in the normal style.

Sure, you’ll probably pick up a couple of spam complaints. People forget they subscribed when you don’t stay in contact with them. Someone may complain. But that’s OK.

Provide infotainment that resonates with why they originally subscribed to your list…and move on.

And if you’d like to apply my email system that I’ve used for 21 years…and that has helped thousands of customers and clients create Internet Lifestyles using the Internet…check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

How much would you like to earn from your list this month?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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