A client recently asked me to review the text on one of his front-end sales pages.

We had previously rewritten the headline and video script for the top of the page…and the results have been excellent.

Just how well has it been performing?

His Facebook ad spend alone was over $100,000 last month, because it has been so wildly profitable. Keep ramping up the budget as customers come flooding in.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

The text on the page needs a lot of updating!

It was written years ago…and there are quite a few easy improvements which can be made.

Of course, he’ll test the changes just to make sure.

So he has a paid ad campaign that’s wildly profitable on the front-end…even though the sales page can use a lot of optimization.

That’s almost a dream scenario.

But it also illustrates an important truth.

You don’t have to get it perfect.

Perfection may be the biggest barrier to implementation.

The video is never perfect.

It’s not unusual for us to test an ugly sales video first to make sure the script converts before shooting a more professional one.

This headline may not be the best one. Test new options.

You might earn millions from your website before you discover multiple typos you missed no matter how many times you read through the page.

You feel like you could do a better job on your email sequence.

The design on the website could be upgraded.

The list is endless.

Maybe you feel like now is not the right time. Competitors offer a similar product. You need to add the new bonus.

All of the above become excuses that keep you from moving forward.

You feel like you have another piece to plugin to your funnel before it’s ready to release.

I’m not saying to ignore all this.

You will continually optimize and grow your business.

But I’ve seen way too many people waiting for perfection before they release their genius to the world.

It will never be perfect.

It needs to be good enough to test.

And that’s a key as well. You need feedback from your market. Your own observations can only take you so far. You need to see how customers react.

Even a great survey response is a poor substitute for someone pulling out their credit card and purchasing. They vote with their wallet. People don’t always know the real mental process behind their purchases…or they’re simply not willing to admit to the true reasons they buy.

Start with simplicity.

Complexity will creep in naturally as you expand. You don’t have to seek it out in the beginning. As your business grows, you’ll go through phases where you simplify again. You cut out all the excess that was added along the way…weighing you down.

Find an audience.

Make them an irresistible offer.

Build from there.

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