There are a lot of mistakes being made when it comes to email.

Here are just a few I see daily…

Mistake: Use a “professional voice” in writing.

Truth: Write like you talk. If you’re not having fun, no one else is either.

Mistake: Be wishy-washy and simply make suggestions.

Truth: Find your expertise.  Be bold and willing to take criticism.

Mistake: Create Sentences and paragraphs that are too long.

Truth: Make your emails inviting to read.  No more than 5 lines per paragraph and 3 lines is even better.

Mistake: Hide your emotions and stay all business.

Truth: Show empathy and feeling for your clients.  Show your humanity.

Mistake: Follow up on everyone in the same way.

Truth: Segment your lists to what they show the most interest in and ask for.

Those are all common mistakes, but the biggest myth I see about email is this one.

Myth: Give your absolute best content away free.

You hear that one constantly.  But if you give away your absolute best content, doesn’t that mean your customers get gypped?

And there’s another subtle danger.  You also train your readers to only expect free information.

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe you should give away content.  Help your subscribers.

It should be unique, contrarian content that stands out in a competitive marketplace.

But that doesn’t mean it’s your best.

And it also doesn’t mean you just throw out content randomly in every direction.

Your giveaways must be strategic.  

They’re leading somewhere.

For example, almost every big product launch includes content being given away.

But that content is planned to accomplish several goals.

You talk about the major problems and roadblocks holding them back.

You share case studies and stories that demonstrate your ability to solve these problems.

You may share step one in the process.  They need the additional steps from you.

And you demonstrate golden nuggets of information that can help them immediately.

This can all be great content, but that doesn’t mean it’s your absolute best.

Of course some people go into the ditch in the opposite direction and just send sales pitches with zero content.

Both are a mistake.

Here’s one additional golden nugget.  When sharing information, make it interesting.  Add some drama.  Integrate in personal stories.

If your subscribers have been on your list for weeks and don’t know anything about you personally, then you’re missing the goal.

For example, hopefully you know I delivered pizzas for Little Caesars for $8 an hour before I came online.

You also likely know how I failed at network marketing, door-to-door sales, and direct mail before I discovered the internet.

Once I came online, I quickly tapped into the power of building an email list.  

And from that first year to today, that’s one element of business that has stayed consistent.

The money is in a relationship with your email list.

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