I’m a numbers guy.
Either something works or it doesn’t based on the numbers.

Track everything.

Measurement eliminates argument.

Many affiliate programs will hype you up by claiming huge payouts.

They’ll talk about the prizes you can earn in the new contest, or they’ll have their affiliates compete with each other to be the top of the scoreboard.

Nothing wrong with any of that.

But when it comes down to it, it’s about the numbers.

And it’s also about delivering value to the customers.

This morning I was running through some of my affiliate accounts.

And I took notice of an affiliate program that I haven’t given much attention to, but sends me money through Paypal every single month.

I promoted them in September 2011, so less than a year ago.

And did some other minor mentions of them, but haven’t done anything heavy.

What jumped out to me from the stats is they have paid me $4.68 per unique clickthrough so far.

And they’re not finished yet. Each month they send me money for clicks I sent 8 months ago.

That $4.68 per unique click for me has been increasing each month.

You can find out more about this affiliate program and register for free here…

It is a two tier program so you’re also paid off JV referrals.

What’s unique here is they pay:

– Commissions on their entire product funnel from $5 to $500

– Multiple free eCourse link bait for driving new members

– First click referral tagging – get paid forever off a referral today (that’s what I like)

Basically you earn more money every time they send out an email to those you’ve referred.

Awesome deal!

At least I think so. Seeing the numbers this morning means I will be promoting for them more.

And I haven’t even mentioned the quality of the products yet.

The reason those commissions keep growing is because members STICK with them.

They receive value.

And once they see the quality of what is offered, they buy more.

This program is run by David Perdew who runs the NAMS events (Niche Affiliate Marketing System).

That’s where my initial promotion came from. I attended the event as a speaker and was impressed with how it was a step-by-step workshop to help people at any level…from beginner to advanced.

In addition, they have a membership program with 17 ways to give you better training, content, and tools for your online business today.

Check it out…

Make sure to use the coupon code MyNAMS80 to get the best price.

Note: Your results will vary of course, because it’s based on how responsive your visitors are, the offers being made, and buying interest.  This was simply the amount I saw in my account divided by unique clicks when I wrote this post.

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