affiliate mythsHow many income streams do you have from your website?

For example I earn money from one-off eBooks and courses.

The Monthly Mentor Club produces ongoing continuity income.

Amazon sends me a growing check for my books and eBooks.

Coaching and consulting clients pay me monthly.

And I also receive affiliate payments from 10+ companies.

It’s that last one, affiliate payments, that’s the most passive type of opportunity.

It’s especially exciting when you promote a program that continues to pay you each month for a lead you sent over once.

That’s true passive income.

Here are 8 affiliate myths I commonly hear:

1. Avoid competition.

Let’s kill this one.  Competition isn’t bad.  It simply means there is money there.  You beat competition by becoming a specialist in a buying market.

2. You don’t need a website.

While it’s technically possible to be an affiliate without a website, it’s competing at a disadvantage.  Create your authority site, your home base for everything you do.

3. Building a list is too much work.

Build your audience and your list first.  Build relationships.  You could even build a large autoresponder sequence to make even your emails passive over the long-term.

4. Just plaster links on your site.

Go to some blogs and they’re plastered with affiliate banners.  Those can work, but the best results will be when you give real reviews and results with the products in your content.

5. Only free traffic is profitable.

Free traffic is good.  But the affiliates I know with the biggest incomes use both free and paid traffic sources.

6. Clickbank/CPA/CJ/Amazon has the best affiliate programs.

The best affiliate program is the one that works for your audience.  And it’s often a mixture of multiple different programs that solve their problems.

7. Use the stock emails provided to you.

That’s a great way to lose the attention of your audience.  Write from your own voice.  Be honest about why you’re making the recommendations.

8. You don’t need to track.

Everyone needs to track.  It’s wild how much of a difference you will earn between two programs and two sources of traffic.  Program such as Prosper202 are built for affiliates along with many other tools.

If you’re not tracking, you’re wasting time or money (often both).

Where can you find out the best ways to grow your affiliate income?

#1 – Pay attention to the content I’m sending you each week in these issues.

#2 – Check out NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System).

This is one of few workshops I’ve spoken at which impressed me with the content they deliver.

They break all their sessions up into 4 different levels (from brand new beginners in the NAMS100 track up to professionals making serious income online in the NAMS400 classes).

It is an event with trainers who care about delivering high quality content in each class…not just making a sales pitch.

Now you can also access their programs online with 17 ways they provide training, content, and tools for your affiliate business.

For example, this past week I logged into their site again because I needed some royalty free music to use on a video.  And that’s just one of the benefits.

Check out everything they offer…

Make sure to use the coupon code MyNAMS80 to get the best price.

Your Marketing Coach,

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