Have you ever said, “Just five minutes on Facebook.”Two hours later you’re still seeing how much deeper that rabbit trail goes.

Yes, I’m been there. I can waste time with the best of them.

One of these days I’ll share about my World of Warcraft adventure (level 85 gnome mage). Talk about wasting time!

People constantly tell me how much more difficult it is to run a business online today.

They cry, “There’s too much competition. Advertising is too expensive. Nobody spends money anymore.”

While they’re suffering, business is booming for others.

Your problem isn’t competition.

It’s not the price of advertising.

And it’s not your customers.

Your problem is distraction.

It’s so stinking easy to be distracted today that it’s amazing you get any work done.

There are new flashing shiny objects everywhere you turn.

You’re just getting the Facebook timeline down pat, and PInterest jumps to the forefront.

What’s new this week?

If you could just spend a few hours each day with 100% clarity and purpose, all those other problems will fall to the side.

Find your audience.

Listen to them and their frustrations.

Grab their attention by letting them know you understand their pain.

Offer them a solution to their problem.

And follow-up on those customers with other related solutions and answers.

You only need to reach a tiny fragment of your audience online to build a profitable business.

Competition isn’t the problem.

Distraction is.

It’s slaughtering more dreams of internet businesses than anything else.

It’s become the serial killer of more internet dreams than anything else.

Everything else going on and swirling around you each day is keeping you from focusing on what really matters…what brings the money in.

Gary Halbert used to talk about how he would shut out everything else. He’d turn off the phones. And he put Operation Moneysuck into action where he’d do what brought in the cash.

He’d put together the ads and offers that brought in the cash that funded everything else.

Shutting everything else off is tougher today than ever before.

It’s fun to multitask. It’s just not profitable.

When coaching clients to write, I’ve told them to turn off their monitors before. That way they can only concentrate on what they’re writing. They can’t get distracted by editing. They stop writing with the brakes on.

In the May issue of the Monthly Mentor Club I covered distraction and how to overcome it in detail.

It was all about developing the Mind of a Champion.

You can’t get the paper-and-ink issue that mailed earlier this month, but you can still get the PDF version inside the members area.

But it won’t be available there forever.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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