I like games.There I admitted it. I have an Xbox 360, PS3, and a gaming laptop. I’ve played World of Warcraft, Star Wars Old Republic, Rift, and others.

You couldn’t get me to count the number of hours it took to create a level 85 frost mage in Warcraft.

Lately I’ve been playing Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox.

All these games have a few qualities in common.

You have goals. You go on quests. You get stronger as you level up. You defeat more powerful enemies.

It’s a constant cycle of action and small rewards each step along the way.

Those games with a monthly fee that consume people like Warcraft are a never ending process.

There’s always a new challenge to face and a way to grow.

Look at your internet business the same way.

If you’re a brand new beginner, the first challenge you face is choosing a market.

Your next challenge will be getting your first website up.

Then you create a list. You get your very first subscriber.

All of these are challenges you overcome. You’ve gain experience. You’ve gain knowledge and ability you’ll use in the future.

But it doesn’t seem like it. There is no external award immediately handled to you for overcoming these challenges.

You don’t “level up” in real life.

You hear about someone else who earned a million dollars online, and your lowly little website looks like such a failure.

It looks like nothing.

Because no one ever tells you what they had to go through to get where they are.

They talk about the excitement and the Internet Lifestyle they experience today…not the steps to get there.

When I first started online, I struggled with crappy Frontpage for days to create my first site.

And it was UGLY!

I got the endorphin rush from accomplishing that goal. No one could take that away from me.

This was 1996, so there wasn’t anyone telling me about the giants they killed that day.

You create a product and you get your first sale.

That’s a reason for celebration.

You just did something 99% of people the world have never done. You made your first sale online.

Instead you get discouraged because your numbers aren’t profitable yet.

That’s the negative if you look at money as the only reward.

All the little rewards and accomplishments along the way are tossed to the side and forgotten.

What games have taught me is you need those little positive reinforcements along the journey.

In Warcraft, your friends may have just saved the kingdom from the dragon threatening the land.

You killed a spider.

In the game world, you both get a reward that’s equal to your level.

You hear about an internet business which earned $100 million online.

You made a $10 sale.

You’re at totally different levels right now. Don’t steal your own reward because it doesn’t measure up to others.

Don’t disregard the mental aspects of this business.

May’s Monthly Mentor Club was all about developing the Mind of a Champion.

You missed out on the paper-and-ink issue, but the PDF version is still available inside the site.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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