They called me again a few days ago!

I hate it when a boiler room rep calls me asking me what they can do for me to give them my leads.

It’s not going to happen.

It seems these guys call anyone who is building an audience of entrepreneurs online.

It’s happened 3 times in just the past year with different companies.

They want you to send them all your customer leads.

Of course they make it sound enticing. They average X number of dollars per customer.

But it would be like feeding your kids to the sharks.

They’ll bug them on the phone till the end of time.  Execute high pressure sales tactics.  And sell some overpriced piece of garbage “coaching” program.

These programs run anywhere from $3,000 up to $20,000 or more.

And what do you get…a $10 an hour employee going through a manual.

Any “coaching program” for entrepreneurs that hands you off to an employee isn’t worth jack.

Employees don’t understand entrepreneurs.  They speak totally different languages.

And if those employee coaches knew how to be successful online, you think they’d be working that crappy job?

Not likely.

They answer questions out of a manual they’ve been given.

Of course not all of them use the phone to make their pitch.

One of these boiler rooms told me they put everyone into a free “training” conference.

And then they beat you down until you join.

Either way, FLEE from these programs.

The first question with any coaching program should always be who does the coaching.

Why are they qualified?

Five days of intense training doesn’t count in their exclusive system doesn’t count.

They’ll also always tell you everyone needs a mentor to succeed.

That’s a lie.

It helps.  It can shortcut the process.

You’ll find a mentor or coach can spot things from the outside that you’re too close to ever see.

But it’s not a requirement to success.

For example, I’d NEVER recommend anyone go into debt to get a coach.

And that’s a biggie with those fake programs.  They want you to dig deep on your credit card and go into hock for their programs.

RUN in terror the moment they ask how much is on your credit card!

If the fee will financially stress you out, you shouldn’t hire a personal coach.

Sorry.  But it’s the truth.

Get started with some basic courses.  Study them until you can almost quote them word-for-word.

Instead of buying the new thing next week, study one of those courses again.

When I first started online, I got a hold of everything from Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham that I could afford.

Those materials led me to success.  They got me out of debt.

It wasn’t till later that I hired a coach to take me further in my business.

I hired the coach when I could afford it.  And they multiplied my results.

Before you consider anyone for coaching, make sure you’re in the right position to profit from the results.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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