One hundred years ago, on April 15, 1912, the Titantic collided with an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

She was the largest ship afloat at that time…and at 11:40 pm her fate was sealed when her hull plating buckled from striking the iceberg.

What can you, the internet business owner, learn from this disaster?

An iceberg is hard to see, because only about 1/9th of it is above the water.

The majority of its volume lies invisible under the surface.

The most successful internet businesses operate the same way.

You can track their PPC advertising.

You can check their SEO rankings.

You can see what they share on their blog and in social media.

And you can even see their frontend products.

But it’s tough to see everything they’re doing on the backend.

Let’s say you’re looking to sell a $29.95 eBook about your subject.  They’re running ads everywhere.  You know they’re spending tens of thousands of dollars.

They must be making a profit, right?

They probably are, but it likely isn’t from the $29.95 eBook.

That’s just how they get customers in the door.

Unless you also buy the product and pay attention to their email follow-up, direct mail, and phone contact…you don’t have a clue about what they’re really doing.

Perhaps that $29.95 eBook is simply a lead generator for their $5,000 workshop?

If you go into the market copying their eBook only, you’re about to have a disaster as big as the Titanic.

You’ll throw away money hand over fist…and sit there wondering what in the world happened.

How did they may it work when you lost money off every sale.

Only 1/10th of their business was visible from the outside.

I always tell people to look at what the most successful competitors are doing.

Analyze their ads and their results.

But you’ve got to go deeper to than just a glance.

How do they generate leads?

How do they follow-up on leads?

What do they sell them first?

What upsells do they offer?

How do they follow-up on customers?

What else do they offer you?

When you analyze a market or the competition, investigate what’s floating under the surface.

Go deeper than average.

It will keep you from being the next Titanic.  It will keep you from the icebergs out there.

The June issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is fast approaching.   The paper-and-ink issue will be scheduled for mailing on June 1st.

It covers my 21 hidden cash generators.  These are the jealously guarded secrets I go back to time and time again when working with my personal clients.

Which one of these 21 keys will open the door to internet profits for you?  Which one of them will keep you from that iceberg that’s fast approaching under the surface?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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