Are you ready for a revelation that could shake you to the core?

My most successful “information” product clients don’t sell information at all!

Chew on that for a while.

Nope. They’re not selling information.

They sell solutions to problems.

They sell tools that do the work for you.

They sell done-for-you services.

They sell end results.

Their products may include information, but that’s not why people buy them.

Your customers aren’t out there desperately look for another eBook to buy.

They have problems.  You have solutions.

And the quicker you can deliver those solutions with the least hassle required, that’s what they’re looking for.

Time for a pop quiz!  Didn’t you hate those when you were in school?

Which is likely to sell better to the average audience interested in better ad results?

A. A course on how to create your own successful ads step-by-step

B. A series of successful ads you can steal and simply edit yourself

Make your choice.

In the majority of cases, B is going to be the runaway winner.

It sounds easier to do.  It sounds like less work on the customer’s part.

And it’s more of a done-for-you tool.

Personally, this is often hard for me to accept.

Because I like “A” better.  It’s the one that will likely produce the best results long-term.

Now let’s apply this principle to your business.

How can you provide tools or done-for-you services that get the end results with the least hassle for the customer?

If you’re in weight loss, it may be a software program that hands them their exact meal plans.

If you teach PPC, it could be giving them the exact ads and keywords to run in their industry.

And on the backend you provide an Adwords service where you manage their account for a premium monthly fee.

If you sell a relationship ebook, you also provide them with the exact words to say or text to send after their first date.

Are you getting the basic concept here?

Yes, you can provide some information but that’s not what entices people to spend their money.

It’s the tools you provide along with the information they want.

Or it’s the service you can offer where you do it for them.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

But many times…he simply wants to buy the fish.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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