New book shares how to be a successful entrepreneur while staying healthy and mostly sane along the way.

I’m constantly reading. There are currently 8 books waiting on my shelf and 4 in my shopping cart at Amazon.

When a book jumps to the head of the line, there has to be something unique about it.

“Rules of the Hunt” isn’t your normal business book. It doesn’t give you 10 steps to instant success. And it doesn’t promise overnight profits.

It’s about guiding you in the right direction and providing more fun on the journey.

The author has over 30 years of real-world entrepreneur experience and business advice to share with you.

Michael Dalton Johnson dropped out of high school at 15 to work a full-time job. He joined the army at 17. After joining the army, he worked as a ranch hand, factory worker, and construction laborer before venturing into the business world.

He went on to become an award-winning book and magazine publisher. He took a small publishing and software company from three employees to dozens of products and hundreds of employees.

The advice is what I consider old-school and effective.

Most of your biggest mistakes online come because you forget the basics.

You become so distracted by the shiny new discovery that your core business strategy goes flying out the window.

Michael shares over 200 rules and tips for hardcore business success mixed in with both stories and humor.

I was sent over a review copy and started skimming it quickly like I do most books, but several of the points hooked me in and kept me reading.

I couldn’t put it down. It is simple. It is down-to-earth. And it is effective advice from a coach who has been there before.

Here is one rule he gives for leadership, “Don’t tell people what to do; tell them who they are.”

Instead of just telling your employee you need a report done by Friday, start off by telling them why you feel they’re the right person to get this done.

Acknowledge them, their expertise, and your confidence in them…and they’ll work hard to prove you right.

He covers this in detail over two pages…and it’s just one of the over 200 tips he makes available to you.

Here it is in the author’s own words from the introduction:

Rules of the Hunt is not about miraculous transformation, instant stardom, or life-changing revelations.  No book can open a wormhole that allows you to enter and emerge on the other side an entrepreneurial genius, a powerhouse salesperson, or an overnight business sensation. But what this book will do is make your path to business success easier and more enjoyable.”

Find out more about the book here.

Get your copy of “Rules of the Hunt” today and receive over $500 worth of ebooks, videos, audios, and more from top marketers, copywriters, and sales professionals who have all endorsed this book.

Here’s what copywriter Bob Bly had to say about it, “I have never read a business book with so much wisdom–and so many useful ideas–on virtually every page. And all of it presented with no wasted words.”

Check it out here.

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