Are you ready for a little secret?

Here it is. It’s not my goal to sell all the visitors at my website.

And some people who subscribe to my list aren’t going to like me.

There are customers that simply aren’t right for me…even those interested in an internet business.

If someone believes you just put up a website and the world beats a path to your door, they’re not the right customer for me.

If someone believes you can use the exact same templated website 1,000 others are using, they’re not the right customer for me.

If someone believes everything on the internet should be free, they’re not the right customer for me.

The customers I’m looking for are serious about an internet business and willing to do what it takes to succeed…even if hearing the truth isn’t always comfortable.

This message works into the ad copy that is on my websites.

And my point of view shines through in my emails.

The right customers love it. Others hate it.

Here are a couple of responses I received from my emails last week.

I accidently signed on your newsletter, but it was one of the best newsletter-decision I made in my life (up to now).”

Thank you. Here’s another one…

Were you drunk when you wrote this?”

Both of those responses came from EXACTLY the same email.

There were more emails similar to the above, both good and bad. The worst response doesn’t deserve to be repeated.

A whole bunch of new members also joined the Monthly Mentor Club from this email.

Some loved it. Some hated it. Others purchased from it.

The sorting and sifting process is working correctly.

What if I asked you to define your perfect customer? You may be able to do it. But what if you have trouble?

Let’s flip the question.

Which customers are wrong for you? Which potential buyers would you like to turn off if possible?

Coming at the question from the opposite angle gets the creative juices flowing again.

Everyone asks who you’re looking for as a customer.

But have you ever actually sat down and made a list of who you don’t want as a customer?

Who wouldn’t be a good customer for your product or service?

Or let’s modify the question again.

What do they have to believe before they’re ready to buy from you?

For me, that’s simple.

You must believe that it’s possible to succeed online.

There is all kinds of proof for this online, including the fact I came online after delivering pizzas for $8 an hour.

But there is really a second condition that not everyone is ready for yet.

You believe you can do it, but it requires real focused work and doesn’t happen overnight.

A lot of people are still in a “happy dreamer” state where they haven’t accepted the work part.

It could be as high as 80% or more of those searching for information on internet businesses.

They’re not in the right place to become my customer yet.

But if you’ve gotten past the hurdle and all the instant money promises, then the Monthly Mentor Club may be right for you.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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