It takes time and effort to grow an internet business.

I’ve made that clear in recent emails. There isn’t a magical “click here” button that spits out hundred dollar bills on command.

And outsourcers who do all their work perfectly for dirt cheap rates aren’t lining up to push the button for you.

But many internet marketers fall in the ditch on the other side of the road.

They’re working TOO HARD to make any money online.

If you’re constantly putting in 12 hour days and you’re not making progress, something is wrong.

Too often people get stuck with tunnel vision of doing, doing, and more doing.

They spend hours creating content each day, but people aren’t buying.

They build their social media contact database every day.

They even stress out over all the technical details of their website.

Eventually all this activity makes it feel like you have blinders on.

You’re buried in all the daily tactics and aren’t taking time for a step back to focus on your strategy.

Something I heard years ago from Ron Legrand was, “The less I do, the more I make.”

Does that mean sitting on your butt, doing nothing?

Then you’ll make a fortune, right?

No. It means you handle only the most important elements…the core strategy and marketing. You handle the vital. You ignore the useless.

The more of the daily details you hand off to experts, the better off you are.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t get paid based on the number of hours you work.

It’s based on the value you create for others.

The key principle is to find ways to leverage both your time and money to create more value for a larger audience.

You won’t get an award at the end of the decade because you worked overtime every day of your life.

But you could get a health problem and a broken family from it.

What are you doing right now that would be better accomplished by someone else?

And let’s even take it further…what low income activities are you doing right now that could be simply eliminated?

Your email won’t magically disappear if you don’t check it every hour.

Facebook doesn’t delete your account if you miss a day.

And hopefully the world won’t end if you take the weekend off.

When was the last time you completely disconnected from your business?

No email. No cell phone. No internet.

How long did it last? Even if you only take a couple of days like this, you’ll come back refreshed and raring to go.

What if you took a whole week away…or a month?

What would you have to set-up in your business to make this time away possible?

What activities would you eliminate?

What would you delegate?

Are you working too hard right now to make any real money?

Check out the Monthly Mentor Club to get your priorities lined up and focus on what brings in the income.

At times you have to shut everything else out, and create a strategy that works.

That’s where we can help.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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