Many non-fiction authors have come to me asking for help to market their book online.

But they had already made one of the most common devastating mistakes.

They wrote their book before asking who their audience was and how to reach them.

That’s backwards!

This is especially true if you’ve picked your title, designed the cover, and it’s already in print.

Does it appeal to a hungry, buying audience?

Whether you’re writing a book, creating an online course, or launching your coaching program…research the audience first.

Get to know them.

What problems are they willing to pay money to solve?

What other products are they currently buying?

What’s lacking in the current solutions?

What story are they telling themselves about their life, the topic, and the competition?

The best way to do this research is by talking to them directly.

Interview them. Practice active listening. Pull their story out of them.

But there are also ways to do online research such as looking at top selling Amazon books, lurking in Facebook groups, reverse engineering the competition, running a survey, and checking your own social media insights for what stirs up the most interest.

“Research your audience until it changes you as a person”
Dr. Glenn Livingston

Get to know them and develop empathy for them.

Keep interacting with them until you truly care about them and providing a better solution to their problems.

My new definition of marketing is…

Fall in love with your clients, craft a story that appeals to them in their language, and create profitable conversations that last a lifetime.”

Create a map for reaching your audience before creating the product.

One of the steps I have my clients follow is to create their 1 to 2 page Golden Glove story first.

They know which problem they solve…how their promise stands out…how to back it up with proof…the offer that will bring in sales…and what people lose out on by not acting now.

It’s becomes easier to create a product that not only delivers value but also sells, inspires, and causes customers to implement.

They get results because they put things in the right order.

Customers first. Then your solution.

One of the benefits of the Monthly Mentor Club is a monthly Q&A webinar.

Last month’s webinar was about InfoCopy Shortcuts.

First, I helped a member analyze his product idea, investigate Amazon, and outline his offer.

Then I delivered a training how infoproduct creators can x-ray their audience, map out their Golden Glove, find their big story, and create mouthwatering bullets.

Plus, I gave my 13-step infocopy template and how you put the pieces together to create a sales page specifically for infoproducts.

You can get this 116 minute recorded video training inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

Login to the membership and click on the “Video Library” tab in the top navigation.

Scroll down to “InfoCopy Shortcuts” to click and watch the video (plus get the downloadable PDF slides).

This is just one of many benefits hidden waiting for you inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

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