What movie is playing inside the head of your ideal client?

Stop selling products and services.

You’re not just selling a course about how to lose weight.

You’re not just selling a Facebook advertising service.

You’re not just selling hair care products.

You’re selling a new story.

You’re reaching inside the story they’re currently telling themselves and making an adjustment to it.

If you seek to create change in their life, you have to give them a new story.

The client trying to lose weight may feel powerless.

They’ve tried before and failed. Their life is too busy. There are too many things going on. They don’t think they have enough discipline. It can look hopeless.

Maybe you felt that way in the past or some of your other clients have.

You’ve felt their pain. Every story is based on crisis.

You made a new discovery. You found a system that worked for you even when nothing else did.

It’s not about eating boring, bland food and sweating it out in a noisy, overcrowded gym.

It’s an adventure. They could compete in a challenge with others just like them, hike the AT, or climb a mountain.

Your ideal clients are out there waiting for you to write a new story they can believe in.

Make sure it’s a true story you can back up with proof.

Others just like them made a change.

The lady struggling with her hair found a shampoo formula that finally worked.

Now it’s beautiful…and she notices the second glances others give her.

But it goes deeper than this.

You can make a positive difference in the lives of your clients by giving them a new story.

They’re not just buying a drill bit. Nor are they just looking for a hole. They’re decorating their home. They’re self-sufficient and good at home improvement. Their family and others respect them.

They feel good about themselves.

That’s the bottom line of what you’re looking to create.

You’re helping them see themselves in a new identity. Help them try it on.

That’s when they’ll have real, lasting change.

One of the frustrations my clients and I have faced over the years is getting customers to implement.

That doesn’t come just from educating them.

It comes from helping them tap into that new identify on the inside of them.

Yes, you need to know the right steps to take to create a profitable online business.

But you also have to shift your internal identity to see yourself as a successful business owner instead of an employee.

That comes from changing the story playing inside your head.

Change your story to change your future.

Change the story your customer is telling themselves to make permanent change in their future.

You can make a real difference while making a living online.

Inside the Monthly Mentor Club, there is a special report called “Client Connection Code” that goes into more detail on this topic.

You’ll find it by clicking the Report Library tab inside the member’s area and scrolling down to “Client Connection Code”. Click on that and download this PDF report.

Discover the real “Why” behind what you do.

Serve your clients instead of just selling them.

Give them a new vision that inspires them.

Help them achieve better outcomes.

And dramatically boost lifetime customer values because of the heartfelt impact you make on your customer’s lives today and in the future.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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