phonecallWhat’s the secret to more sales of your products and services?

Is it a secret copywriting trick from the long-forgotten masters?

Or is it having an irresistible offer that virtually no one can resist?

Both of the above can definitely bump your sales…even overnight.

Knowing how to use words to persuade your audience is essential.

And making an offer that stands out from the competition is required.

But there is one more item that’s even more important.

It’s your audience.

Everything starts with finding the right audience and understanding their desires.

That’s why I talk so often about doing your research. Study the keywords your audience is searching, what customers are saying about related products on Amazon, and the questions customers are asking on discussion boards. Run surveys to get feedback on what your audience wants to hear.

But there is one more step that’s even more powerful.

Speak to buyers directly.

During my most recent launch I invested dozens of hours on the phone interviewing buyers.

Yes, it was tiring doing a large number of these in a short period of time.

But it’s worth it.

Because not only was I able to qualify people to make sure they were right for the program, but I also gained valuable intelligence that’s difficult to gain any other way.

For example, buyers told me exactly what their end goals are along with why those goals are important to them.

They let me know why they purchased, what appealed to them, and where they’re at right now.

These interviews had immediate benefits.

While Glenn and I had already outlined the training, we made changes to it to best fit our audience.

In the future, it also means we have a better focus on who we’re attracting to the program which affects everything else including emails, videos, sales copy, and more.

When is the last time you listened to your buyers?

As marketers we do a lot of talking.

But you learn more by listening.

Once you know your audience, that’s when you can create an irresistible offer and use the ‘magic words’ that speak to them personally.

Combine those 3…and now you have a winner!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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