I love coaching business owners.

It keeps me fired up because I’m interacting with passionate entrepreneurs every week.

It also means I get to see what’s working best across dozens of different niches…instead of being limited to just what is working in my own market.

I’ve also recommended to you just how valuable coaching can be in your online business.

BUT the vast majority of coaches sabotage their income with a common mistake.

They think of and describe themselves just as coaches.

That limits you and your income.

And it gets even worse. In some coaching circles, they put unnatural limitations on what they believe they can do as a coach.

For example, some coach training programs tell their students only to ask questions…and never give advice.

Asking questions is valuable. There are coaching sessions where all I do is ask questions designed to help guide a client to their solution.

But there are other times where I straight out tell my clients what’s the best answer right now.

We take whichever path equals the quickest results for that client.

Here’s the reality.

No one is looking for a ‘coach.’

They don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “What I really need in my life is a coach.”

No. What they do wake up thinking is, “Is there any way to make my business more profitable?”

Or they’re thinking, “If only I could grow my business to replace my current job.”

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. Your customers and clients are thinking about the desperate problems they need to solve or the end results they’re seeking after.

Hiring a coach that knows what they’re doing and can help guide them past the pitfalls is simply the best path to reaching those goals.

What your customers are looking for is an EXPERT who can guide them to their end results.

Become their expert.

One-on-one clients are often the best proving grounds for your techniques in a live environment under many different conditions. They lead clients to the fastest results.

Group programs allow you to expand out your training to a larger audience and help more clients in a limited amount of time.

You can expand out your expertise into training products and courses. Or publish them monthly in a continuity program such as a membership site or print newsletter.

You can use email, articles, blogs, and videos at the lowest rung as free entry points into your funnel.

No matter what level a client is currently at in your funnel, they came to you for your expertise in helping them go from where they are now to the end results they’re looking for.

It’s not the method that’s most important to them. It’s the end results.

You may call yourself a coach…or an author…or a speaker.

But what your clients are really looking for is an expert to deliver the end results.

Be careful that any labels you use don’t limit your income.

Become the expert that helps your client get X results.

For me, that means helping entrepreneurs Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life.

Whoever your audience…and whatever your niche…become their expert.

Everything else you do including creating products, coaching, running groups, speaking, and producing content all stems from the expertise and results you deliver to your clients.

By the way, if you’re passionate about marketing and business, Dr. Glenn Livingston and I have something special scheduled for you within the next month.

We’re going to be sharing a complete step-by-step system for finding dream business coaching clients, delivering fast results for your clients, and earning premium fees.

It’s going to be a group class with tons of support…and we will only be accepting a very limited number of members. It will sell out.

Keep an eye on my emails as I’ll be sharing more over the next couple of weeks.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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