weirdzombieDo you ever feel like screaming?

Sometimes I do…and it’s often because of the dumb advice I regularly hear from so-called internet experts.

My wife and I recently finished watching through the 4th season of Walking Dead.

It’s pretty gruesome. And it seems like no matter what happens, it can always get worse in that show.

But in world filled with flesh-eating zombies, the most dangerous predators are other people.

The online world can be like that too.

As an online entrepreneur you will face challenges.

You have competitors. You have Google slaps. You have numerous expenses such as web hosting, autoresponders, credit card processing, fulfillment, and more. There will be times it seems like your emails aren’t getting through.

But many times your biggest obstacle may be the advice you’re getting from others.

First you have well-meaning friends and family members.

They don’t have any business experience, but they tell you what they’d do if they were in your shoes, “Maybe you need Uncle John to edit your website.”

Or they tell you, “That video is too long…no one will watch all that.

Or they say, “You shouldn’t email so often. Nobody reads email anymore.”

Whatever the advice, they’re usually giving it out of a good heart. But unless they have business experience, it’s dangerous advice. If they’re a potential prospect in your market, sure see what they have to say. But remember it’s your business…

Here’s a tip. If they read your website, the thing you most want to hear is, “How can I get this?” If so, you’ve perked their interest and they’re wanting what you offer. If they start saying what they would do differently, take it with a grain of salt.

But it gets even worse…

You have overnight internet experts crawling out of the woodwork to give you advice.

There are products being sold in the internet marketing field where the author has zero experience. That’s right. They haven’t had a single success yet and the product was put together based almost entirely on cheap products they purchased from other sellers with no experience. It’s just one big incestuous product dump of random ideas.

It’s downright scary.

Go a little higher level and you will find some very good products on internet marketing.

But many of those are sold using claims of overnight income.

Maybe they received those results. Maybe not. But the negative side effect is many people hear those stories and get frustrated the results aren’t coming as quickly for them.

When everyone else’s numbers seem greater than yours, you’ll be tempted to jump ship and give up on something that’s working for you.

Be careful. Watch those feelings. If what you’re doing is working, keep doing it.

Don’t be distracted by the shiny objects that surround you online. There may be a zombie waiting behind that next door.

Here are a few quick tips for navigating this perilous online world.

Build your business on a solid foundation. That means understanding your audience, creating irresistible offers, and knowing how to persuade your visitors.

Be cautious with anything that makes any type of income claims…or promises huge results with little or no work. If it’s too good to be true…then it’s probably a zombie.

Once you’ve created a plan, follow the plan. Ignore all the distractions. Don’t jump from one traffic source to another unless you’ve thoroughly tested the market.

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Terry Dean

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