There’s a ton of competition in the info product space!

That shouldn’t be a surprise, because virtually every market today is packed with competition.

Even professional services are feeling the pain from low cost competitors who drive the prices down. And competing only on price always ends as a race to the bottom.

Not only do you have individual sellers offering low priced info products in many markets, you also have the big marketplaces such as Amazon and Udemy.

But here’s the thing.

Business is booming for clients who put this secret to work for them.

Yes, you need to have great products that solve a problem a hungry audience is willing to spend money to solve.

You need good sales copy that turns visitors into sales.

And you can tap into large audiences with virtually no risk by partnering with affiliates who have already spent months or even years building a relationship with their lists.

But one of the biggest secrets to succeeding today with infoproducts (and virtually any other product or service) is building your brand.

Yes, I know branding often gets a bad rap in direct response circles.

We can’t afford to waste millions of dollars to ‘brand’ our business in the minds of potential customers like large corporations often do.

As kitchen-table business owners, we need to create a slippery slide from when a prospect first hears about us all the way to the first sale and beyond.

Here’s where simple branding comes into play.

At its core, a brand is simply a shortcut to a buying decision.

Everything you do is communicating your brand. This includes the stories you tell in your emails along with your product titles and your website design.

Those who create 6-figure, 7-figure, and beyond info businesses are laser focused on their buying audience.

They create a frontend product that appeals to this audience’s desires.

They speak to them in their language.

They brand their product as the right choice for their niche audience in a larger broader market.

There are price of entry benefits in every market. These are the benefits every product has to include if they’re going to make sales.

But there are also point of difference benefits.

These are benefits that set you apart from the competition.

This is why someone should choose you over every other available option.

The frontend is the starting point. The purpose of the first sale is simply to attract a customer.

You may or may not make a profit on the first sale to a customer.

The money in the vast majority of businesses is made on the backend. This includes all the products, services, and affiliate offers you make after the first sale.

The brand message you attract buyers with on the frontend has to extend throughout the backend.

Everything needs to be congruent with the story being told.

If it’s not, it becomes a disconnect…a hole your bucket that leaks profits.

One of the easiest ways to multiply profits in a business is to plug any of these incongruent holes in the overall brand story.

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