Are your website visitors even real human beings?

$23 billion dollars…that’s how much money cybersecurity company Cheq predicted would be stolen by fake ads and traffic in 2019.

Big companies like JPMorgan lose millions of dollars to fake traffic schemes. And that’s with all the security features they have in place.

In fact, it is estimated that close to 10% of all ad spend is invested in tracking and documenting the traffic to make sure they are real visitors.

The scam takes on several forms.

The most blatant is using software which automatically loads a web page and redirects traffic across different websites to rack up views.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying for 1,000,000 impressions of your ad or you’re paying for clicks to your website.

The software can automate fake clicks just as easily as it generates fake impressions.

And it all looks real in your stats…except for nobody is buying.

You could purchase traffic from what you’d consider credible websites and be hit with this scam.

You don’t know where that website gets its traffic. What if their numbers declined this month, and they decide to hire a ‘traffic supplier’ to help them meet their quotas?

They buy traffic thinking it’s from quality websites, and you get ripped off second-hand because your money is invested in garbage traffic.

Real visitors could also be tricked into viewing your ads.

They go to one website (maybe looking for porn) and they’re redirected over to the ad network instead.

Or it could be part of a traffic exchange where people get ‘credit’ for visiting random sites in the network.

All worthless visitors.

You can even suffer ad fraud using big networks like Google, Bing, and Facebook.

You run an ad in the Google Display Network. Google partners with websites around the internet to generate those clicks…and any of those websites could be artificially boosting their traffic or automating clicks on Google ads.

Google sometimes catches it and refunds your money, but how many smaller scams do they miss?

The lesson for small businesses like us is to TRACK everything.

All advertising must produce a good ROI.

And over time, develop your own audience that knows, likes, and trusts you.

My clients use paid traffic.

But they also use traffic sources such as Kindle ebooks, being a podcast guest, running a summit, or building a Youtube channel organically.

What do these options have in common? They position you as a trusted advisor before a visitor ever hits your website.

The majority of our paid ads are applying this principle as well.

The December issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is called Traffic Ascendancy Unleashed.

It will be mailed out to members on Dec 2nd.

If you’re NOT becoming a trusted advisor to a hungry buying audience, you can starve in today’s competitive market.

This is the secret to attracting high-value buyers.

It’s not just about clicks, leads, or even sales.

It’s about the lifetime value of a customer.

This is the secret to making you the obvious choice for your ideal avatar…

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