Have you noticed how so many business owners sound exactly the same?

They make the same promises.

Often just trying to outdo one another with even bigger claims than the last person.

Eventually it gets to the point where the promises are ridiculous.

They’re afraid to try something new.

“This is how people in our industry do it.”


“This is how we’ve always done it.”

Sure, you can get some ideas from others in your industry, but it’s even better to find ideas OUTSIDE your industry!

That’s how you create breakthroughs.

For example, clients in fitness have used 30 day challenges for quite a while. Recently I’ve helped clients apply similar challenges in radically different markets. The challenges are even more successful when they’re used somewhere where it hasn’t been done before. And the same refinements we’ve developed over the years work in these industries as well.

But even more important is finding your own unique voice.

Learn from others, but don’t copy them.

If you try to copy someone else, at best you’ll only be the second best. You may only be the 22nd best at being them because everyone else is copying them too.

Be you.

Your story is unique.

Your genetic make-up and all your experiences up to this point make up your unique viewpoint.

But be the better, more energetic version of you.

In other words, get a little coffee or caffeine into you. It’s the amped up side. The part that looks into the future and is on a mission.

Your audience needs that hope you can bring them.

Get to know your ideal clients. Listen to them.

But not just with the purpose of ‘saying what they want to hear.’

Instead, your goal is to develop empathy until it changes you as a person.

Combine what you know about them with who you are.

That intersection of being yourself AND connecting with an audience is where your value is found.

Do you have a wild sense of humor? Integrate it into your business.

What do you enjoy outside of work? How can you use something your audience will identify with as an example of illustration of your message? Why is the mission behind your business so important to you?

Hopefully this email inspires you to try something a little different.

Yes, trying something new means you will make mistakes.

But the alternative is worse. You stay the same and never grow.

I often talk about the 80 million-dollar templates in the Autoresponder Alchemy course, but the modules that show you how to identify your ideal client avatar, your message, and your uniqueness are where the real value is.

The templates get you started. They give you training wheels to create profitable emails.

The video modules and cheat sheets change your life…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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