How long does it take to create a sellable information product?

That’s a question that can’t be answered.

It’s like asking, “How long is a piece of string?”

Some people take years to put together an infoproduct.

Even as an experienced course creator, I’ve taken over 6 months before.

Not once, but several times.

I’m embarrassed to admit making the same mistake multiple times like that.

Because here’s the reality.

There is almost no connection between how long it takes you to create a product and how much money that product earns.

I’ve created a product in a weekend that earned more than a product that took me 6 months to create.

Here’s the deal.

Focus on simple, easy-to-follow systems for specific problems rather than creating encyclopedia solutions that bog down the creation process.

Here’s what I suggest…

First, pinpoint your big, overriding solution you help your customers achieve.

For example, I help my clients create freedom businesses online. These are ‘small’ businesses that earn 6-figure and 7-figure incomes which you can operate from anywhere with a small virtual team. The majority are in the ‘authority’ business of selling courses, coaching, consulting, and affiliate products.

State clearly what you do.

But that overriding goal is too large for an individual course.

So, the second step is coming up with some of the common ‘sticking points’ that get in the way of that goal.

My customers need to choose a hungry buying market. They need to come up with blockbuster product ideas. They need to create those products quickly. They need to write sales copy for those products. They need to set-up an ordering process for them. There are multiple steps in the process.

Step three is to look at all those barriers and choose ‘baby steps’ to help customers reach the next checkpoint on the way to their big goal.

I’ve sold several products specific on ‘choosing your market’ over the years.

They’ve all been good sellers.

I’ve developed a step-by-step system to coming up with market ideas, scoring them, and choosing a market that fits you personally.

Start off by choosing one specific area to help your customers make progress.

You could sell it as a step-by-step video course with workbook.

Or you could price it higher as a group webinar with live interaction where you help customers achieve that goal right on the call with you. Hold this multiple times for more income. Or record it once and turn it into a course for ongoing passive income.

But you don’t stop with one product. Each of those ‘sticking point’ topics could become a separate product.

After you complete several individual products like this (or record webinars from live coaching), you could then turn it into a package deal for more money.

What if you had multiple streams of ‘almost’ passive income available to you?

And what if you could create these in just a few days?

I’ve combined multiple systems like this together in the Internet Lifestyle System (including how to choose your market, come up with blockbuster product ideas, creating products quickly, writing persuasive sales copy, and building out profitable funnels).

Find out more about my step-by-step systems to creating profitable courses here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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