Are you chronically underpricing your best work?

I only charged $300 the first time I wrote full-length sales copy for client’s information product.

And I wasn’t new to sales copy either. I had written profitable copy for my own products multiple times.

But when it came to writing for a client, I charged a fraction of what the project was worth. I quickly smartened up and my price increased considerably for the next copywriting client.

Here’s a little secret for any service provider reading this…

Find better clients.

You’ll earn more money and enjoy your business more.

The same person who pays rock-bottom prices will also be a royal pain in the butt.

Serve those who value your work.

But this applies to selling courses online as well.

Sell products that appeal to affluent buyers.

One of my requirements when helping a client choose a market is whether this is a market that’s willing to spend money.

Are other companies successfully selling higher ticket offers to this audience?

That’s my first tip to stop trading gold for pennies.

Here’s the next one.

Sell hard skills instead of soft skills.

This has more to do with the positioning than the information itself.

Think of it this way. I’m using ‘hard skills’ here to describe something with a specific, measurable outcome. “Soft skills” in this context would be something that will benefit the customer but isn’t as easy to measure the results.

Maybe you’ve seen the value in mindfulness and want to share it with others.

That would be a ‘soft’ skill if you’re promoting it in general for just a greater sense of well-being.

You might find that difficult to sell, or the price on it would be limited.

You could increase the value of what you offer by specializing it to a specific audience such as mindfulness for entrepreneurs…how to reduce stress, increase your creativity, and earn more money.

Did you see what I just did there?

Now you’re selling a more specific topic to a more affluent audience…and you even attached it to a way to earn more income.

We could continue on this theme.

It would be great to teach people to ‘be more grateful.’

But if you stay simply with that soft skill, it’s going to be a tough sale.

There are already multiple free and low-cost apps to help you do that.

What if you extended out the topic and applied it to being grateful for your own personal skills and experiences…as part of a topic such as ‘finding your dream job?’

That could be a very valuable product to the right audience.

These were two simple examples that fit in a short email. These same principles can be used to help you refine almost any of your product ideas.

Those two keys will help you earn more whether you’re selling products or offering services.

  • Find a more affluent audience who values what you offer.
  • Specialize your topic to specific, measurable outcomes.

If you’d like to see how you can create multiple streams of ‘almost’ passive income using online courses and other information products, check out the Internet Lifestyle System.

It gives you the step-by-step system to choose an affluent buying market, come up with profitable product ideas, create courses quickly, attracting loyal customers, and more…

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