The power of email is what first set me free from a string of dead-end jobs back in 1996. It has earned me millions of dollars in sales and enabled my Internet Lifestyle for over 20 years now. In addition, I’ve trained thousands of others how to grow both large companies and Lifestyle based businesses using engaging emails that sell.

Here are 37 tips to help you earn more with email.

1. Audience is Everything.

Don’t try to appeal to everyone. Target a specific, buying audience that will resonate with you and your message.

2. Ask them.

Ask a question and expect a reply. Send out a survey. Get feedback.

Good emails are a dialogue instead of a monologue. Some of your best emails will be the result of replies from your subscribers.

3. From address.

Your from address can be even more important than your subject line. You’re building a relationship with your reader.

Use a real person’s name in the from address unless you’re writing for a large, well-known brand already. It’s personal communication. Be personal in your from address.

4. Benefit + Curiosity.

Write subject lines that at least imply a benefit plus make you curious to know more. Curiosity based headlines can get someone to open, but it’s the benefit that get the right people to open and buy.

5. Fulfill on your subject line.

The subject line needs to grab attention and get people to click, but you also need to deliver on whatever you promise in the subject line.

Avoid curiosity based subjects that have nothing to do with the email itself. No one should feel ‘tricked’ by clicking your email and reading more.

6. Numbers work.

When appropriate, include numbers in your subject lines and your emails. They can immediately draw the eye and add curiosity to the message such as 37 Ways to Create Emails That Sell. Obviously don’t use them if they don’t fit!

7. You can’t deposit opens or clicks.

While opens and clicks are metrics you can watch, they’re not the most important one. Often my best selling emails (the ones that bring in the money) are not the ones with the best open rates.

Sales and income are the metrics that count in the end.

8. Unsubscribes are a good thing.

My best selling emails often have the most unsubscribes also. All marketing is sorting and sifting to attract the right buyers to you.

If a portion of your audience isn’t being repelled, then you’re probably not attracting the buyers either.

9. Email more frequently.

One of the easiest ways to earn more from your list is to send more emails. In most markets you can mail multiple times per week, daily, or even a couple of times per day.

How to Write Your Emails

10. Be contrarian.

What is everyone else in your market saying that’s totally wrong? Those are opportunities for you. What are the myths, mistakes, and misconceptions that are sabotaging your readers’ results? If you want to stand out, then you need to be willing to stand out with your message.

Pick a fight. Give your audience a voice. Talk about a frustration you know they’re experiencing because of what all your competitors in the market are doing.

11. Tell personal stories.

Include personal stories and life lessons. It could be stories from your childhood, your family, your pets, or your vacation. It could even be minor things like how the waitress delivered your food at lunch.

Good marketers see stories in everything they do.

12. Include your origin story.

How did you get started in this business? What problem or experience motivated you to get off your duff and help others in your market?

There’s a background story behind what you do, and you need to share that in your initial sequence (and refer back to it regularly).

13. Create your own words and phrases.

Your audience should recognize your unique style. Every community has their own jargon. Create your own words and phrases. Knowing those terms is a sign that someone is a member of your community. It’s about your community, not just your emails.

14. Be a voice instead of a parrot.

What is your message? How does it differ from your competition? If all you are is a carbon copy of someone else, then why should anyone join your list? They might as well join the other person’s list instead.

Be real, authentic, and have a message that runs through everything you send out.

15. Constipated content doesn’t sell.

People won’t pay consistent attention to even the best information if it is presented in a dry, matter of fact manner. It needs to be delivered with emotion and personality. Mix in stories.

These are the flavors you add in that make the information delicious and easy to consume.

16. Stop being a wuss.

If people are NEVER offended by your emails, then you haven’t been emailing enough. Or you’re way too wimpy with your presentation. We live in a society full of people who love to be offended.

Colleges put trigger warnings all over the campuses because the precious little snowflakes can’t handle someone who disagrees with them. Someone is going to send you a nasty email sometime. Don’t back down. Use that as a reason to even more bold about your message.

17. Share personal flaws.

You’re not perfect. I know that may come as a shock, but it’s the reality. And we buy from people we know, like, and trust. The flaws you share should have nothing to do with the results you generate.

For example, I’ve shared about my poor singing, the fact I’m graphically challenged, and my misadventures at times of doing stuff around the house.  Don’t come to me for help with those things, but if you want to earn more from your online business…I’m the one to contact.

18. Useful but incomplete.

Give value your readers can use, but it’s incomplete on its own. There’s an easier way behind the pay wall. If you sell information products, you have to keep the curiosity. As you share a portion of your secrets, your readers are dying to know what else you have behind the curtain.

With physical products, the information you share is designed to help them make an intelligent buying decision. You share style tips and how to choose the right kind of suit if you sell men’s clothing for example.

Keep it Simple

19. Keep your design simple.

Use plain text or a very simple HTML design. Don’t get fancy as it takes away from the personal feel of the emails. Plus, it makes it much more difficult to know exactly how your reader will experience your email based on whatever device they’re using.

20. Write for scanners.

Imagine someone in a hurry, scanning their email messages while waiting in line at the coffee shop. Or even worse, scanning their messages at a stop light. They click your email and start scanning.

Use short sentences, short paragraphs, and put the active elements at the beginning of the sentence. Can someone scan just the first portions of your paragraphs and get the main theme?

21. Use white space.

Make your email look inviting to read. Using short sentences and paragraphs helps, but also consider the spacing, where the links are, and any images you may add.

You want to create a slippery slide where someone reads the subject line and first sentence and just flows all the way to the end clicking on your link to order your offer.

22. Add word pictures.

Use descriptions that bring your stories to life. How did it look? What did you feel? What could you smell? Use figures of speech and metaphors. Paint word pictures where you might describe passive income as creating your own oil well.

23. Write fast.

My most profitable emails have almost all been writing extremely fast. I had a message to share, and it only took 10 to 20 minutes to get it all written out. It just flowed. I didn’t stop to look at the clock and I didn’t sit around trying to come up with additional ideas.

Write fast. Read out loud once. Hit send.

24. Speak to one person.

You’re not speaking to a group. You’re sitting down at a coffee shop and having a conversation with one person. You’re sharing stories about your day, a few quick tips they can use, and you’re letting them know why they should take action on what you offer. It’s me to you.

Write Like Your Mean It

25. Start strong.

Don’t slowly get to the point. Come out swinging. Start with a story. Hit some major proof. Or give a contrarian piece of advice at the very beginning of your email.

No one opens your email if your subject line doesn’t grab attention in a busy inbox. And no one keeps reading unless you hook them in the beginning.

26. Sell immediately.

Don’t throw obstacles in your customers’ path. Let them purchase when they’re ready to buy. Anyone who teaches that you should ‘warm’ up a new subscriber first before sharing any links to purchase is just fooling themselves.

A prospect joins your list because they’re interested in the subject now. Don’t hit them with a hard sales pitch in the first email, but ALWAYS give them a link to buy. Many of my clients report up to 50% of their initial sales in the first 24 hours after someone joins their list.

27. Don’t apologize for selling.

You’re in a business. You offer a product or service that brings value to your clients’ lives. Never apologize for being excited about what you offer and what it can do for them. If you write a strong content rich or entertaining email, but then wimp out when it comes time to make the sale, you’ve done them a disservice.

Real value comes from taking action and receiving results from the products or services you offer. Quit hurting your customers by hiding your light.

28. Know your goal before you write.

The end goal of everything you write is to lead the right prospects to a buying decision. Not everyone should be a customer of yours, but you want to attract those who should.

Every email has a goal behind it. What are you promoting? What objection are you eliminating? What link will you insert at the end of the email? You should know this before you ever start writing.

29. Demonstrate empathy.

Do you understand the pain and struggle your customers are going through?

If you’ve been there, tell them about it. Even if you haven’t experienced it, You can still talk about the desperate problems they’re facing. Talk about what someone else has shared with you about the subject. It could be something a friend, family member, or client went through. You understand.

Last Minute Edits

30. Delete weasel words.

I also call these ‘writing tics’ because they weaken the impact of your  writing. One of the words I have to constantly watch for is “actually.” If I’m not paying attention it could show up 4 times in an article and during editing I’ll delete all of them!

31. Change I to You.

Even though you’re telling your story, you still want to look for opportunities to bring them into it. Everyone is tuned into WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). You’re telling your story because it helps you demonstrate empathy with them. Go through your emails and look for “I” problems where you talk too much about yourself and don’t identify with them and their needs.

32. Test your links.

I’ve sent out multiple promos with a bad link, including one that was sent out in front of a live audience. Test your links. Make sure they not only work, but they lead to the right landing page and offer. This is easier to mess-up than you think.

How to Create Money-On-Demand With Email

33. Call-For-Action.

Almost every email should be asking the reader to do something. Click a link. Buy this offer. Reply to you. Join your affiliate program. Get your subscribers in a habit of clicking on your emails. Reading your email should not be a passive activity.

34. Reason to Act Now.

Almost every email is linking to a product or service you have for sale, but your best numbers will be during an offer with a hard deadline.

I’ve had 7 day offers where half the sales come in during the last 6 hours of the promotion.

35. Use multiple links.

Give them multiple opportunities to click over to your offer. Match at least one of the links to your subject line when possible for highest clickthrough rates. In a straight email promo, get one link above the fold of the email (first few paragraphs), another in the middle, and one at the end.

36. Create Reason Why offers.

Why are you offering such an incredible deal? It could be a special holiday promo or it could be a special event in your business or personal life. It’s your anniversary, your child’s birthday, or your dog passed his obedience training and isn’t eating the drywall anymore. You add credibility to the offer when you tell me why it’s such a special offer.

37. Offer continuity.

You can use email to sell pretty much anything. Sure, some high ticket offers also require the next step of getting people on a webinar or on the phone to make sure it’s right for them, but email can be the driving force behind those ready-to-buy leads. But some of the most valuable business models connect an active and growing email list to a monthly continuity such as a membership, print newsletter, or auto-ship program. Find someway to integrate an ongoing continuity in your business for maximum profits.

How to Master Email and the Income From It

Above were 37 quick tips to help you earn more with email, but those are just the beginning. Autoresponder Alchemy will give you my complete step-by-step system for creating more sales with email…no matter what business you’re in.

And you get 80 of my best emails as models to create your own. Find out why these emails worked, the psychology behind each one, and how to put together similar emails in your follow-up sequence for maximum profits.

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