Everyone talks about the importance of being an authority site.

This is a site people continually come back to and rely on for information in their market.

But how in the world do you become one?  Is it about producing the most content?

No.  Having content is part of the mixture, but it’s not enough.

Your visitors are looking for a voice online…someone they can plug into.

Too many writers are simply an echo of others in their market.

If you want to be noticed, you’ve got to become a recognizable unique voice.

Echos get lost in the crowd.

1. Be yourself.

Who in the world are you?

What are you passionate about?  What makes you angry?

What gets you so mad you almost can’t handle it anymore?

In other words, what is your message to the market?

Why should they listen to you?

There is no one else out there like you.

This will make some people angry, but so what?  I’m convinced there are some people are professional grumps.  They’re not happy unless they’re upset.

Ignore them and be yourself anyway.

2. Write like you talk.

Read what you wrote out loud.

Does it sound like you?  Is it something you would normally say?

I take it as a compliment when someone tells me they read what I wrote and they could hear me speaking.  That’s exactly what I want them to feel.

Avoid that “professional” voice people put on when writing.

3. Be extreme.

Look at radio show hosts.  They have extreme viewpoints.  Listeners love them or hate them.

What are you extreme about?  What message is commonly shared in your market that’s just plain wrong?

It’s easy to fall into the status quo or to be a balanced message.

How many of the leaders in an industry have a “balanced message?”

This is one of my personal mistakes…being too much in the middle ground.

If people say you’re “normal,” you’ve missed it.

4. Be consistent.

Stand on your message. Repeat yourself in multiple articles with different examples, metaphors, and stories that illustrate the primary message.

While you might cover different topics, they all bring you back to the core message.

At the same time, you want to be consistent in your publishing schedule and writing.

People trust in you to be a consistent voice.

5. Tell your story.

What is your human interest story?  How does your life illustrate the message you share?

That’s right.  This really comes down to being authentic about who you are.  People will remember the story long after they forget the points you share.

That’s why I consistently talk about the Internet Lifestyle, and overcoming the problems in an online business.

I point back to when I was delivering pizzas for a living.

And I often share something that’s going on my life.

How does your story relate to your internet message?

Don’t skim over this and say no one cares about your story.  They do.

It’s about both the message and the messenger in today’s online world.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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