Recently someone was thinking of coming online for the first time, and they asked me a simple question,

“Is the Internet Lifestyle risky?”

You might expect me to answer “No.” I’m sure you could find a lot of people who would answer it that way.

But that’s just silly.

Yes, of course it is.

You put in the hours. You invest in a website, autoresponders, and even advertising.

And you never know 100% for sure if this ad will work…until the customer votes with their wallet.

You can definitely get the odds in your favor from past experience, other ads that are working, and even feedback from coaches or mastermind partners.

When I started online, it was all about trial and error. I basically say that I tested to find out everything that didn’t work first.

Today you have an advantage as there are many people who can show you the basics of what is working today. They can point you in the right direction.

But no one can 100% remove all the risk from the Lifestyle.

Sure, they can remove the risk from a purchase you make from them. All that takes is a money back guarantee.

But that doesn’t 100% guarantee you success online.

If you want to succeed online, you have to be willing to take risks.

Otherwise, you’re going to always be stuck in the status quo.

I’ve seen many people who want to get all their plans lined up first before jumping in.

By the time you do that in the Internet world, everyone has likely already moved on.

You do your research. You do all the numbers. And then you make a intelligent decision about what action to take.

You put yourself out there, and measure the results.

If it doesn’t work the way you expected, you look at the numbers and decide how to modify it.

You test again.

Here’s the good news.

We don’t play nine inning games online. A failure doesn’t mean game over.

We get to keep playing until we win.

There are several important keys that I’ve noticed about anyone who builds a real business online.

#1 – They’re willing to take measured risks.

It’s similar to investing. You do your homework and you know as much as you can, but you don’t never everything that could affect the results (government interference, legal issues, competition, etc.).

You have to step out and take action anyway, knowing what’s at stake and the possible outcomes.

#2 – They track everything in their business.

This is the 2nd key aspect. You need to track everything in your business. How much traffic do you have? Where is it coming from? What is your landing page conversion? How many subscribers are turning into buyers? How many take the upsell?

I’ve also been noticing lately how the most experienced keep a diary of what has worked in their market up till now. This offer pulled 5%. This one bombed. They can look back at the past, and know what’s likely to work next.

#3 – They analyze their results regularly and adjust the plan.

Think of it as sailing a boat. You’re going to adjust your course based on the direction of the wind. As the wind changes direction, you have to adjust your sails and compensate.

The wind is constantly changing online. Are you adjusting to your market accordingly?

And in my opinion…the internet lifestyle is a LOT LESS risky than a job.

With a job, sure you know that if you invest 40 hours, you’re going to get paid a specific rate for that time you put in.

But that’s pretty much all you know. The idea of job security died years ago.

Other people control your life with that company. For all you know, the managers are running the entire company into the ground…and you along with it.

And a guaranteed job…those don’t seem to exist anymore except in very limited occupations.

Doing business online may be the safest direction of all long-term in today’s climate.

Do everything you can to reduce the risk. Then go for it. Track the results, and adjust to the wind.

And don’t give up. Keep playing till you win.

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