website trafficOne of the most common questions I receive in my office is…

“What is the best source of website traffic available now?”

It’s an interesting question. 

It assumes that the best source of traffic changes regularly.

Perhaps last year it was PPC and this year it will be Facebook. 

Or maybe it varies even quicker.  You seem to be able to buy a new product launch every week that promises to let you in on the insider secrets of traffic today. 

And whatever worked last month is most definitely dead now (or you won’t buy the new traffic product)!

But the answer to this question is pretty simple. 

The best source of traffic today is the same as it was 10 years ago.

And it will still be the best source next year.

You can launch a product quickly or build a long-term business with it.

It’s joint ventures…pure and simple.

Not only is a ready source of traffic in virtually any market, it will also produce the highest conversion of the visitors who come to your site. 

Find people who already have your best buyers in their audience, on their list, and listening to them regularly.

Contact them and make the deal.

Share the profits with them.


Of course that’s way oversimplified. You have to have a product/service they want to promote, you need to get past the gatekeepers, and you definitely need a site that can convert the visitors into sales. 

But it doesn’t eliminate the importance of this answer.  Why are joint ventures the best traffic?

Because they have the highest conversion you’ll achieve…outside of your own customer list. 

In fact, I always tell clients they need to plan for 1/2 the response when they start marketing a product with paid advertising that’s only been exclusively promoted through JV’s before.

Getting a 3% conversion with JV’s?  Plan for 1.5% or less when you start paying for the advertising.

And that’s not even counting how joint ventures remove your risk in marketing…since you don’t pay for your advertising here until AFTER the sales are made.

You can sell products through joint ventures.

You can do list mailing trades to grow your list.

You can even trade guest blog posts with other blogs for links.

No other source of new traffic comes close. 

Ok. So what other forms of traffic are viable today?

Almost of all of them.

PPC, CPV, SEO, banner advertising, social media, Youtube, etc. are ALL effective means of generating visitors. 

I’ve heard people claim before, “I’ve tried everything…and nothing is working.”

Or another common complaint is, “Traffic is too expensive today.”

If nothing is working, the problem is NOT in the traffic methods you’re using.

You don’t need another “cheap source of traffic.” 

And if traffic is expensive in your market, it’s because your competitors are turning their traffic into more money than you are. 

The problem isn’t traffic.  It’s your conversion. 

If nothing you’ve tried is working, then you’re simply not converting your visitors into sales.

And nothing will work until you fix the real problem!

All sources of cheap traffic disappear once people in that market figure out how to convert the visitors into sales. 

Why?  Because if you’re earning $3 for every visitor in that market, you don’t have any problem spending $2 per visitor. 

In fact you could spend $3 or MORE per visitor (because you’d make money from additional long-term sales to the same customers).

If traffic is expensive in your market, it means some of your competitors are earning a very good income there.

You need to analyze what they’re doing (on the landing page, in their follow-up, and backend sales to customers).

And you need to spend more time on your conversion process instead of continually searching for a cheaper form of traffic. 

The quest for cheap traffic is a neverending search.

A website with a strong conversion system is a long-term saleable asset. 

Which one of these journeys are you on? 

And if you want the best joint venture partners in your market…they want to see conversion and profits from the promotion.  One of the stats they see as most important is how much they’ll get paid per visitor they send to your site. 

The Total Conversion Code is finished.  It’s at the duplicator now.  And the launch is almost here. 

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