You’ve probably heard the news if you do any type of email marketing.

Google has been rolling out primary, social, and promotional tabs inside of Gmail since May 29th.

This was greeted by a chorus of marketers screaming, “The sky is falling again!

Sometimes I wonder if people are hoping for a disaster just so they can finally be right to be so upset.

Of course smart marketers have been testing to see if there is a way to land in the primary tab instead of the promotional tab.  And so far, there is no consistent way to do so.  Google is smart.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re tracking the unsubscribe link we legally need attached to email newsletters.

You have a choice.  You can use this as an opportunity to give up.

Or you can take advantage of this change while competitors hide their heads in the sand.

Here are 5 quick ways to take advantage of the new email tabs.

1. Tell subscribers to look in promotions box.

A lot of people don’t even realize all their newsletters are landing in “promotions.”

Let them know to look for your email there on your thank you page.

You can even tell your subscribers how to move your emails from the promotional tab into their primary tab.  Wouldn’t that be a masterpiece of marketing…if you’re the ONLY newsletter in the primary tab?

If you’re on Gmail and that’s where you get my emails…you should try it right now.

Simply grab one of my emails with your left mouse button and slide it over to the primary tab.  You can also right click it and choose “move to tab” to move it to the primary tab.

A little note will pop-up to ask you if you want to make this change permanent.

Say, “Yes.”

You won’t have to worry about missing my emails again.

2. Get subscribers excited about what you’ll be sharing.

Tease your subscribers with the information you have coming up.  End your story on a cliffhanger.

They will be LOOKING for your email when it comes.  If they miss it, they’ll contact you.  It’s the perfect opportunity to have your support suggest they move you to the primary box so it doesn’t happen again.

3. Write series (part 1, 2, 3)

Create emails in a series with part 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.  If you got message #2 and #4…you’d want to know where in the world #3 went!

This is all about making your emails useful to your audience.  Make them something they look forward to receiving…not like all those sales emails being sent by everyone else.

4. Scarcity in Offers

The one negative is that subscribers may put off opening emails in their promotional tab until later.  And we all know what happens when it gets put off.  It likely gets forgotten or deleted in mass.

Consider adding more offers that are scarce in time frame.  If they don’t open the email in time, they miss out on the offer.  Your best sales days will almost always be the last day before a deadline.  Use deadlines more often.

5. More Frequent Emails

Mailchimp recently reported they reviewed the open rates of emails on their system.  The average open rate before the change for Gmail users was just above 13% for weekdays.  After the change, there was a noticeable drop in open rates to just about 12%.

That’s a pretty small drop, and some of it could easily be attributed to the system being new and subscribers not being able to find their emails.

The easiest fix is to simply add one more email a month.  That will make up for the drop.  And you’ll see an increase in your open rates with more frequent emails…as subscribers start expecting them more often from you.

Even if Google does relegate you to the “promotional” category, you can brand your emails as something they look forward to receiving instead of just another promotion.

Find out here:

If you’d like to see Mailchimp blog post about their numbers, you can read it here:

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