What if you could make a few quick changes to your website…and instantly see your conversions improve?

Today I’m giving you 7 areas of your website you can test for improved conversions.

As you know, understanding your audience is the #1 key to converting visitors into sales.

Nothing else I’m sharing here will work if you wrote for the wrong audience or you tried to create a website which appeals to ‘everyone.’

The tighter you target the message, the easier it is to improve conversion.

But let’s get into the quick tips for seeing better results today.

#1 – Add Proof to Your Order Form.

How many of your visitors click on your link, go to your website, read your information, and click over to your order form…only to bail out at the last minute?

Don’t be surprised if your shopping cart abandonment rate is 60% to 80%…or even higher.

I’ve seen over 90% before.

That’s only 1 out of 10 clicks to the order form converting into a sale.

Add testimonials, safe shopping logos, or your guarantee to the shopping cart. Repeat your unique promise.

Your shopping cart is a major component in your sales funnel, and often it is relegated to last or ignored completely.

How can you add more proof to your order forms?

#2 – Offer Payment Options.

I tested 2 payments of $99 versus 1 payment of $198. The 2 payment option was a clear winner.

That website currently offers both options and at last count 67.5% chose the 2 payment option.

Even though the price is exactly the same, the ‘2 payments of $99’ looks cheaper.

And payment plans are only the beginning.

Do a low cost trial of your digital product with the full payment in 7 to 10 days.

Run a ‘free with shipping’ offer with the full payment due in 30 days.

What type of payments or trial offer can you test to increase conversion on your website?

#3 – Create Headlines for Testimonials.

People usually only scan the testimonials. They know you’re not going to feature ‘bad reviews’ of your product on your page.

To grab their attention as they scan your site, pull out specific headlines from your testimonials. Run them a subheads right above each testimonial.

Examples: “Increased Conversion by 117%” or “Got Started In Just 17 Minutes”

This leads us naturally into the next tip.

#4 – Break Up Your Page Into Easily Digestible Chunks.

This means adding bullets, breaking up sections with sub-heads, and adding graphics such as photos or charts.

While you want to provide all the information your prospects need to make a purchasing decision, the reality is the majority of visitors don’t like to read.

Instead they scan.

You want to provide a complete message to those who scan through a double readership path.

This means someone who reads just your headline, your subheads, a few bullets, bolded points, and looks at the images understands your offer and what you can do for them.

#5 – Add Captions to Your Photos.

Photos draw the eye. They give you the perfect opportunity to drive your sales message home through captions.

On many sites, the photos are looked at more than anything else other than the headline.

If they’re just add-ons without advancing the sale, you’ve missed an opportunity.

Specifically look to drive your unique promise home…or back it up with stronger proof through captions.

#6 – Each Step in Your Funnel Must be Congruent.

When a client tells me their site isn’t converting, my first question is, “Where is the traffic coming from?”

If you’re using paid advertising such as Google, you also want the landing page to include the keyword phrase being searched. In addition you continue the conversation you started in your ad.

And yes, that means you might have dozens or even hundreds of similar landing page to match your ads (or use dynamic landing pages).

The same is true in any upsells offered after the sale. Thank the customer for their purchase and reinforce the excellent decision they made.

Then make the connection of how this upsell adds value to their previous purchase with additional benefits.

#7 – Shorten Your Forms.

This one is a trade-off. You’ll get higher conversion from shortening forms, but less qualified leads.

For example, test your optin form. Asking for just email instead of name and email will usually increase conversions by 10% to 20%.

In some cases with longer forms, you can turn them into multi-step forms. Ask for the basic information on the first step such as email and then on the following pages ask for additional information.

That way you have their email to follow-up on them and return them to fill out the rest of the form if they cut out halfway through.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.