I’m always harping about the importance of building targeted email lists online.

It’s the secret that propelled me to success online in 1996…and it’s still the number one factor that brings in millions of dollars yearly for my clients.

So naturally people contact me when it’s not working.

Maybe you’ve built a list. You’re sending emails. And people still aren’t buying.

And it’s not about the size of the list either. I’ve seen lists of just a few hundred people outsell lists with tens of thousands.

It has to do the audience you attract…the relationship you build…and the offers you make.

If people on your list aren’t buying, it’s NOT because list building doesn’t work anymore.

It works like crazy if you’re doing it right.

If your list isn’t buying, it’s because you’re making at least 1 of the 7 mistakes below.

#1 – Attracting the Wrong Subscribers

Audience is always the most important element. It’s more important than your offer or your sales copy.

Your websites, landing pages, optin pages, and sources of traffic need to be optimized for attracting hyper-responsive buyers in your target market.

Do you offer a freebie that naturally flows into your paid offers?

Are you advertising in the same places that competitive million dollar businesses are attracting customers?

Have you researched what buyers are most interested in (Amazon reviews are great for this)?

#2 – Inconsistent Publishing Schedule

Very few people are emailing their list too often. Instead, they error in not sending often enough.

If you only email your list when you have a new product every few months, you’re not building a relationship with them.

In fact, I often see increased spam complaints on emails whenever the frequency drops to less than once a week.

It’s counterintuitive, but spam complaints almost always drop with more frequent emails of several times a week or even daily.

You’ll have to test to find the right schedule for you and your audience…but the most profitable is usually more often than you expect.

#3 – Lack of a Contrarian Message

Find your message before you build a large audience.

You’re constantly being told to “move the free line” and give more content, but that’s not the secret.

Instead, you need to find where common wisdom and advice is wrong…and shout it from the rooftops.

You’re sharing useful but incomplete information that provides value while also demonstrating you’re different from competitors…and leading readers toward your products and services.

#4 – No Personality

Listen to talk radio sometime. The hosts are arrogant, opinionated, and ENTERTAINING!

You’re either agreeing alongside them or shaking your fist at them. It’s tough to simply ignore them.

Do you demonstrate personality?

It may not be as animated as theirs, but does it stand out as a different to your subscribers?

Are you willing to share an opinion that resonates with your buyers while repelling non-customers?

#5 – Forgetting the Emotional Elements

This ties into the previous point while building on it.

People are rarely persuaded by cold hard logic. The greatest teachers share value and truths, but they go beyond this by sharing stories.

Stories bypass our logic centers and speak directly to our hearts.

These include origin stories of how you got started in your business, personal stories from your own life that illustrate a point, or even case studies of your clients.

Customers buy based on emotion, and justify that decision with logic.

Are you appealing to both aspects of their buying personality?

#6 – Not Asking For Action

Your goal is NOT just to stuff more facts and information in the head of your readers.

Every market is overwhelmed with information in the Internet Age.

More information is available at the touch of a button than was available in full libraries in years gone by.

It’s not more information your readers need. Instead they need clear direction.

The vast majority of your emails should be asking for some kind of action. It may be to try out your product, or share your link, or implement today’s content.

Don’t fall into the habit of giving advice without telling people how to take the next step to success.

#7 – Ignoring the Power of Scarcity

If you’re having trouble making sales, run a limited time special to your list.

Knock 50% off one of your products for a limited time. Or give an incredible bonus. Or let them know a price increase is coming on a specific day.

Run multiple emails that week leading up to the final deadline…and watch the orders flood in.

Even if you make sales on every email you send, you may still be shocked at how effective a hard deadline is. You can generate more sales in a week than you did over the past few months.

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Terry Dean
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