I stumbled upon my first Internet Lifestyle Formula way back in 1996.

It was the power of email…but not just any type of email.

You want to position yourself as a Trusted Adviser in your market.

That’s includes more than just sharing content. Sure, you need great content, but a trusted adviser goes further by sharing empathy, personality, and specific direction to their readers.

See yourself as an adviser, expert, and counselor of your clients in your area of expertise and the outcome your products and services produce for their lives.

Let your readers know who your products are for…and who they’re not for.

An authentic voice becomes a magnet in your market.

You’ll attract the right customers and clients while repelling those who shouldn’t do business with you anyway.

For example, I focus on entrepreneurs who are serious about building a long-term income online.

If you’re just out to earn ‘quick profits’ by hook or crook without giving serious value and results, then my products and services are not right for you.

I’m always focused on long-term relationships and the lifetime value of clients.

Looking at the long-term view is kind of second nature as I draw close to two decades in online business.

That one Internet Lifestyle Formula changed my life. It took me from delivering pizzas for a living to creating a full-time income online.

But it is only one of the formulas I’ve discovered over the past 18 years.

Email is just one piece in a larger Internet puzzle.

You also need to know how to find and tap into bulls-eye buyers. Having a ton of freebie seekers on your list won’t do you a lick of good. Sure, maybe you get a 40% open rate and a large number or clickthroughs. But if you’re not attracting buyers with money to your list, you’re out of luck.

After working with clients in hundreds of different markets, I’ve put together a 4 step Bulls-eye Buyer Formula.

What about staying on track and getting things done?

As an entrepreneur online today, it’s not a lack of opportunity that holds you back. Instead, there are so many opportunities that you can’t figure out where to focus your attention!

You’ve overwhelmed by all the options. This causes BSO syndrome (Bright Shiny Object). You bounce from idea to idea and traffic source to traffic source.

The solution is creating a clear entrepreneurial vision.

When you’re focused on where you’re going, it becomes much easier to say NO to everything that takes you off that path.

That’s why I have a 4 step Entrepreneurial Vision Formula.

I wish there was just one ‘secret’ button you could push and watch money come out. But it doesn’t quite work like that.

When I catalogued the techniques I primarily use with clients, I realized there were 8 major formulas to help them reach their online goals…along with a dozen or more minor formulas.

This month I’m doing something special for the Monthly Mentor Club.

I’m sharing all 8 Internet Lifestyle Formulas in the upcoming 23 page April issue. It will be mailed out to all Monthly Mentor Club members on April 1st…and also made available inside of the online member’s area on that date.

Which Internet puzzle piece are you missing?

I don’t know. All I know is these are the pieces of the Internet Lifestyle which are most likely to help you complete the entrepreneurial dream online.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.