Does your message stir your readers’ emotions?

A client recently sent me an outline for a solo podcast episode where he’d be sharing his message and mission.

It was too clinical.

It was neat and tidy. Everything was in order. It was a logical presentation.

But it lacked emotion.

There was no impact behind it.

This is a mistake I’ve commonly made myself. And the past 16 years of helping my private clients has proven it’s easy to fall into this.

The solution is to find the story.

Why is this mission so important to you?

For example, I helped a client who created a meal plan for those with diabetes.

He watched as multiple close family members experienced health nightmares including foot problems, heart attacks, kidney problems, and more.

Their lives were cut short.

You could feel the emotion as he shared those stories.

Sure, he included relevant stats and medical information about the disease, but most people have seen that information before.

It’s easy to ignore the numbers.

It’s much more difficult to ignore a story that pinpoints issues you’re going through.

OK, obviously a health condition can be an emotional experience.

But what if you sell business-to-business?

First off, you don’t sell to businesses. You sell to decision makers inside those businesses.

They’re moved by emotions as well, although the individual triggers may be different.

In the case of the client doing the podcast, he helps business owners solve a truly desperate problem.

I’m not going to share his service here for privacy reasons.

And this applies no matter what you’re selling…

I asked him to think back to a situation where it was too late for him to help a client.

How did the executive react when they realized they had waited too long to contact him?

Were they angry?

Did they go blank or even look like they might cry? This is a big deal to them.

My client likely saw at least a few reactions over the years he has been in this business. How have they impacted him? Which specific stories stand out? He wouldn’t need to share details about their situations just like I’m not sharing them here.

Let’s say you’ve never seen an emotional reaction out of one of your customers…

What about your own origin story?

What led you to the business you’re in?

I started online as a broke pizza delivery driver.

Searching couch cushions for change to go out to eat at McDonalds makes an impact on you.

I remember where I came from.

It still influences my message today.

What experiences helped you become who you are today…and set you on this mission to help others?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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