Google has some great free tools available such as Google Analytics, Docs, Forms, etc.

They’re also one of the ad networks I recommend, especially Youtube.

And of course, if you optimize your website and content, you can attract a consistent flow of traffic from organic search.

But don’t fall for their hype.

Google is NOT your friend!

A client recently fell victim to a ‘helpful’ Google ad rep.

He has been using Google Ads to consistently generate new leads for the company he works with.

And it had been going well…until he listened to the advice of his ad rep.

His ad rep suggested multiple changes, and of course recommended he increase the budgets.

It’s interesting how often ad reps suggest you increase the budgets.

I wonder why?

Well, my client didn’t increase the budgets, but he implemented too many changes too quickly based on the rep’s guidance.

That nice consistent flow of new leads completely stopped.

ZERO for weeks.

Yet, the spend continued.

Obviously, lower quality traffic was clicking through.

The immediate solution was to revert all the changes.

Sadly, this experience is common.

While there are some good ad reps (perhaps great ones), I’ve noticed many just follow along with the exact same recommendations you’ll find in your Google Ads account directly.

And that’s another thing…

Inside your account, you’ll see an “Optimization Score” for each of your campaigns.

Click on it and you’ll receive Google automated recommendations.

Some are good. Read through them. For example, they might recommend new keywords. Google will recommend them as broad, but they also give you the ability to change the match type to phrase or exact before adding them.

They might tell you to add callouts, image extensions, call extensions, etc. These can all be good things.

But remember that Google is not your friend.

They want you in more broad match terms so they earn more money.

They assign an optimization score to make you feel like you must follow their recommendations.

Perhaps your score on this campaign is 60.8%.

It sounds like you could get 39.2% better results if just went through and hit “Apply” on everything.

No. That’s not how it works!

They can give you some good ideas. That’s why you should view their recommendations, but you should click “Dismiss” on the recommendations that aren’t a good fit for you.

If you have a campaign that’s working, test changes slowly. Track your results.

You can always view your “Change History” inside any campaign to see recent changes you’ve made.

Google and other ad networks are not on your side.

Sometimes online marketing can feel lonely and confusing.

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