A friend recently forwarded me an article called “4 Reasons to Decrease Email Frequency.”

There were a few good points in the article.

But the main proof backing it up was a survey from Yes Lifestyle “Why Do US Digital Buyers Ignore Emails from Retailers?’

In that survey, the #1 reason people ignore emails from retailers was they were getting too many emails.

And the response makes perfect sense if you’ve been on many retailers lists.

I’ve been on several, and I’ve also scanned through the ones my wife gets.

What do retailers commonly send out?

One ad after another.

That’s it.

The majority of their emails look like the exact same postcards and sales flyers they mail out.

Maybe a discount on X…and then a discount on Y.

And we’re not talking once a week frequency. They mail daily or several times a day.

No value. No personality. No stories. No humor.

Just one sales flyer after another.

I would call them ‘sales pitches’ but they don’t really even qualify for that. Most of the time, they show a product image and give the discount. They’re not even talking about the benefits of the product, and they’re definitely not sharing any story behind it.

Is it any surprise that the majority of people say they get too many emails from retailers?

One of the rules I give for email is to send emails when you have something valuable to say.

That could be every few days.

Or it could be daily.

It could even be multiple times in a day.

If you’re making a connection with your subscribers, they’ll keep reading and keep buying.

But let’s take a step back.

Let’s say you did a survey and asked your subscribers if you should email less often.

What if 50% of them said “Yes?”

Does that mean you should follow their advice?

Before you do, I’d recommend taking a closer look at the responses.

Are they the buyers?

Because 50% or more of your list will likely never buy anyway. I put a whole lot more stock in the opinions of the buyers, especially the VIP buyers.

And even more important are you own stats.

Open rates and clicks can be good to review, but sales are the key.

You’ll find in most markets your sales increase as you send more frequent emails…if you’re doing them correctly.

It’s not about sending sales flyers. And it’s not about just sending content either.

It’s about communicating your message and making a connection with your subscribers.

That’s what my proven email system at Autoresponder Alchemy will show you how to do.

You’ll discover how to uncover the buying motivations of your target audience…which they may not even realize themselves.

And you’ll discover how to position yourself and your product as the only viable option for your Ideal clients.

You also get 80 of my proven email templates to help you get started fast. They’ll help you write in your own voice using a simple modeling process shared in the very first hour of the course.

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