I love dogs. Thor, my German Shepherd, is my pride and joy.

And we’re planning on getting another German Shepherd puppy from the same breeder in the near future.

Because the only thing better than one German Shepherd is two German Shepherds.

But my German Shepherd addiction is not what’s important right now.

It’s what they can teach us about attracting new customers and clients.

If I look at Thor and run at him, his most likely response is to drop into play position, grab a toy and run.

He wants to be chased.

There isn’t a chance in the world I’m going to catch him, unless he wants me too.

But the reverse is also true. I could call him, and he would come.

Or I could run the opposite direction and he is going to chase me.

This is where a lot of business owners mess up.

They’re chasing their prospects.

This is especially true of service providers like consultants, coaches, copywriters, and ad managers.

If you’re ‘needy’ and desperate, clients are going to sense it. They’re going to run the other direction.

If you allow them to negotiate your prices down or you work on ‘spec’, 9 times out of 10 you’re going to be abused in the process.

If you’re randomly contacting people about your services, you’ve already started the relationship on the wrong foot.

Instead of chasing clients, you need to attract them.

And it starts with knowing your value. Who can you help and what can you do for them?

What treat can you use to entice them to come to you initially?

Generally, it some kind of content. Maybe you share video full of contrarian content on Facebook or Youtube. You tell your story of why you’re in this business and how you’ve helped others just like them.

You share your message on a popular podcast.

You write blog posts and guest posts designed to attract visitors from Google.

You run ads designed to grab attention and get people curious about knowing more.

Visitors are offered the opportunity to download a Lead Magnet when they join your list.

Now you can stay in touch with them.

And you continue to share your contrarian message. Some aren’t ready to buy. A few may be repelled because of your authenticity and honesty. You’re not what they expected.

But your Ideal clients start chasing after you. They want to know more. They buy your products or they contact you for more information about your services.

You’ve positioned yourself correctly.

They followed the bread crumbs you left in the marketplace to find you instead of you chasing after them.

Look at the most successful and most profitable business in your market, and they’ve set up systems like this in the background. People find out about them. Leads come in. Leads sort and sift themselves. And buyers come in like clockwork.

Autoresponder Alchemy will show you how to put a system like this to work for you.

I often talk about the 80 email templates, because they’re the ‘easiest’ pathway to write effective, order pulling emails for the average person.

But they’re only one piece of the course. Even more valuable is the system you’re walk away with for positioning yourself as the super hero to a hungry buying audience.

Each piece of the puzzle is laid out, and you even get fill in the blank cheat sheets to put together your positioning.

Have hungry buyers following you…instead of being another needy marketer chasing away prospects.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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