Here’s a question I get asked almost weekly in different variations…

Is it more difficult to get started online today than in 2012, 2010, 2006, 2000, or 1996?”

The simple answer is a clear, resounding YES.

It is more difficult today, but probably not for the reasons you think.

People usually ask the question for the wrong reason.

Too often the person asking the question is referring to whatever the flavor-of-the-month was last year…that no longer works today.

Usually it’s in reference to some free or low cost traffic loophole doomed from the start.

For example, it used to be easier to manipulate the search engine results.

If you’re generating quality buying traffic for cheap, you can expect the prices to increase.

The long-term winner isn’t the person who can figure out the hottest, cheapest source of traffic this month.

That’s a recipe for a constant treadmill you never escape as each trick quits working and you’re forced to find new ones just to survive.

The winner in a market is the person who best understands the customer and can profit even with expensive traffic.

Jonathan Mizel first called this the Unlimited Traffic Technique.

If you can turn visitors into income better than the competition, you can eventually dominate any source of buying traffic…and your competitors would be better off sending their traffic to you anyway.

It’s not harder for beginners today because some traffic sources are more expensive or specific traffic ‘tricks’ don’t work anymore.

It’s harder starting out, because there are so many distractions today.

I’ve been doing this for years and it’s still hard to stay focused at times.

You need to better understand your customers and possibly take an even more specialized position in your field.

A good way to describe it is to choose a niche in a bigger market.  You don’t start a “health and fitness” website.  You start a “triathlon training program for men over 50.”

And you need to invest time in researching and understanding your customer BEFORE you create your website, product, or email sequence.

You can’t just ‘wing it’ and hope you get it right.

In the past, you could get away with just following your passion and setting up a website.  You’d discover over time how to improve the message to match the audience.

Today is different.

You need to find an easy-to-target audience that is already proven to spend money.

Then you investigate in detail what motivates them to take action, why they buy, what else they’re looking for, and how you can tap into this audience in a new way.

I shared step-by-step how to do this with my Monthly Mentor Club members this past Friday on a group webinar.

The full webinar was recorded and is available as the first download inside the “Webinars” section of the club.

If you’ve been trying to follow your passion, find a buying audience, or look for new in-depth ways to sell more of your products and services…you don’t want to miss this recording.

And it’s just one of many resources you have available to you instantly when you join us today…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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