Creates Irresistible Courses

I’ve made millions selling courses online. It’s an incredible business, where you can experience freedom, fun, and fulfillment as you help your clients overcome challenges that have held them back for

Buyer Magnets Replace Lead Magnets

A Lead Magnet is a gift you give in exchange for someone’s email address. Someone’s email address is precious …when used correctly! The majority of your visitors aren’t going to sign up

Turns Customers into Members

Members are better than customers. They create consistent monthly revenue. They’re more likely to buy your other products and services. They have a higher average lifetime value. And they’re often the ones who become

Go from 6-Figures to 7-Figures

A client had an online business that was consistently generating over 6 figures per year, but he wasn’t satisfied. In fact, he felt a little stuck. His email list was growing. He had

Are you a Day Laborer or the CEO?

A day laborer is someone who is hired and paid for one day at a time. There is no promise of future work. Often, it’s an unskilled position, frequently in agriculture or