5 Questions to a Winning Offer

My last email shared the importance of finding a hungry buying market and making an irresistible offer. But how do you know you have a winning offer? Sometimes it’s obvious once you’ve

How to Profit When You Get It All Wrong

I make mistakes. I’ll bet you do too. That’s why I focus so much on finding a hungry buying audience and making them an irresistible offer. Get those two things right, and you

Hungry Buyers for Free on Podcasts

Over 68 million people in the US listen to podcasts. Podcasts reach 485 million consumers worldwide. This is expected to increase to 800 million by 2025! Podcasts listeners are more loyal, more affluent,

Get Paid to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Why does this 'Buyers Search Engine' want to send YOU a flood of pre-qualified leads, position you as the premier authority on your topic, and deposit money directly to your

Multiplies Your Income in 2022

Gary Halbert was legendary in copywriting circles. He had a little scenario he liked to talk about at some of his conferences. He would say to attendees, "If you and I both