Customers can post questions on the lessons inside Autoresponder Alchemy.

One recent question was about how someone could build authority in a market without misrepresenting themselves as already successful in the topic? Could they position themselves as a researcher/reporter instead of an ‘expert’?

Without going into their full question, the simple answer is YES, especially if they’re selling other people’s products and services as an affiliate.

A reporter doesn’t have to be Tom Brady to publish content about football.

You can quote others and share interviews with successful people.

You can also start developing your own authority with authenticity.

For example, you could choose one of the affiliate products you sell.

Challenge yourself.

Follow one aspect of their system step-by-step for the next 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days.

Report on the results.

How well does the system work for you?

What challenges do you run into?

How do you overcome those challenges?

In other words, become a case study for an affiliate product you’re selling.

What if things don’t go as planned?

That’s OK too.

Tell people why.

Success isn’t easy, no matter what field you’re in.

Let’s say you were promoting a course about email marketing.

Don’t misrepresent yourself as the ‘Email Grandmaster.’

There’s already enough losers ‘faking it till they make it.’

One of the challenges beginners face is consistently writing emails, especially when they feel like they don’t have anything to say. They get the blank page blues.

You could challenge yourself to write an email every day for 30 days.

Use the system you’re promoting.

Perhaps it goes well for the first few days.

Then you run into a day where it doesn’t feel like anything is coming out.

That’s OK. Work through it. Your audience has faced the exact same obstacle!

Maybe you’re a slow writer at first, but you see speed picking up after a week or two of writing.

Your list is small. So, you feel the frustration of not seeing many sales yet. That’s OK.

Your readers feel the same emotions you’re going through.

You can position yourself as a guide and helper to ‘newbies’ getting started on the topic. This is the largest segment in most markets.

I used ‘email marketing’ as an example here, but it doesn’t matter your topic.

Implement the advice of whatever affiliate offers you’re selling.

Record the results.

Open yourself up the emotions you feel doing it.

Share with authenticity.

That’s one way to build your authority.

Autoresponder Alchemy will show you how to write profitable emails, but it includes a whole lot more than that.

It will show you how to understand the emotional buying triggers of your audience and find your unique HERO positioning.

These email writing strategies can also be used to create other forms of consistent content such as videos and social media posts as well.

Find out full details about the course, the templates, and all the bonuses here…

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