“The less I do, the more I make.”

That’s a phrase I heard Ron Legrand make dozens of times while I was speaking at his internet marketing and information marketing conferences close to two decades ago.

I didn’t understand what he was saying at the time!

It sounded like he was saying you should be lazy, but that wasn’t the idea at all.

Instead, it’s about leveraging other people’s knowledge, talents, and work to grow your business.

An Online business can feel like juggling a dozen balls or more all at once.

Blogging, emails, Facebook, Youtube, editing, logos, lead magnets, podcasts, copywriting, order forms, retargeting, upsells, downsells, sales taxes, bookkeeping, GDPR, SEO, customer service, membership software, web design, etc.

Admit it. You’ve felt overwhelmed at times.

Maybe you’re living in a constant state of overwhelm!

STOP trying to do all of it yourself.

The less you do, the more you make.

Follow these 3 steps…




Eliminate everything that’s outside the core systems you need to grow your business. Automate using templates and software. Delegate to others to free up your time to focus on what you do best…and experience freedom in your business.

Let’s take customer service for example.

The ‘Eliminate’ step means simplifying your customer service. Set-up a support ticket system that can collect emails, monitor Facebook messages, and handle live chats all in one location. Make sure all your websites and social media accounts direct customers to contact you there.

The “Automation” step would be going through your replies and putting together templates to speed up responses. Collect the frequently asked questions and create a FAQ page that answers the most common questions to reduce the number of people who need to contact you.

The “Delegate” step is hiring someone else to handle your customer service to free up your time. They may also help you further automate and improve your systems in the process.

With all the moving pieces of an online business, even solopreneurs need to build a championship team.

It could be as simple as hiring someone on Fiverr to design a logo, create a nice layout for your Lead Magnet, or install a WordPress theme on your website.

But if you want both income and the freedom that goes with it…you’ll also want to bring in part-time or even full-time virtual assistants to help you.

What would you like to take off your plate first? It could be web design, customer service, or editing video.

As your business grows, you may add several members to your team.

One way to get started at lower cost is by hiring part-time help from a country such as the Philippines.

If this is something you’re considering, check out Onlinejobs.

They’re a job board for connecting with virtual workers in the Philippines.

You can register for free, post a job, and see those who apply your job.

You’ll need a paid account to communicate with your applicants and hire them.

But you can read resumes, see the jobs others are posting, and even download several free outsourcing reports by setting a free account.

Check it out here for free…

The above links are affiliate links. If you upgrade to a paid account, I will be paid a commission. Onlinejobs has been helping online marketers hire Philippine virtual assistants for over a decade. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be recommending them.

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