Be nice.

Always be available.

Move the free line.

Those statements and many other horrible tips are offered as marketing advice today.

Years ago I believed stuff like this…Mr. Eternally Nice Guy.

Until I started counting how much it cost me to give it all away for free.

That month I tracked every free email I answered, advice I gave away on discussion groups, and even phone calls I answered where I wasn’t selling.

The total was a solid 4 hours a day…6 days a week.

That adds up to over 100 unpaid hours a month.

Share that with some marketers today and they’d say, “Think of all the goodwill you created…

What was the final straw?

There were dozens of people I gave free advice to all month, who turned around and told me how they hired so-and-so as their coach.

Well thank you for the nice slap in the face, because it woke me up.

All that free advice and personal help simply got me stuck in the dreaded Friend Zone.

When it came time to buy, they didn’t want to be a client.

They just wanted to be friends.

I’ve been married to the best woman in the world since I was 20 years old.

She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, sexy, and the most supportive wife anyone has ever had.  My life wouldn’t have been worth living if she wasn’t in it.

And she often reads these blog posts for me.

But I remember high school.  Oh, how I hated high school!

Some of the worst words in the English language are, “It’s not you.  It’s me.  Let’s just be friends.”

Mr. Eternally Nice Guy got banished to the Friend Zone multiple times.

You’re great to have around, because you’re a great shoulder to lean on.

But there’s no spark or attraction.

Have your blog readers or subscribers put you in the Friend Zone?

You’re safe.  You’re helpful.  You’re nice.

But there is no spark.  There’s no fun or excitement.  There’s no mystery.

There’s no reason to take the next step with you.

You’ll notice my emails give value.  If you consistently read them, you’ll get a lot of great advice to grow your business online.

But there is always a subtle tease going on…about what you’re missing.

You’re not getting it all for free.  You are not getting my “best stuff” out here in public.

That’s reserved for the Monthly Mentor Club.

This is a little taste test of the full seven course meal reserved for you behind the curtain.

Each sample given here makes you more hungry for a meal not available anywhere else…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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