Let’s jump in our time machine and cruise back to 10 years ago.

If you put together a nicely organized website full of valuable niche content, it was often all you needed to attract an audience.

Content was king.

That king has been dethroned.

Your audience is likely overwhelmed with information today.

Content is just another commodity.

Spend time on freelancing sites and look at what kinds of prices webmasters are paying to general interest writers.

What do you see? It may be $5 for an article or $15 for a specialized one.

I’ve seen people trying to hire writers for $2 an article or less.

If all you want to do is a ton of facts regurgitated on the page, it’s dirt cheap today.

But content alone isn’t good enough anymore.

All it does is get you banished to the Friend Zone…that place where you’re a nice person but you’re not exciting enough to go any further.

Your audience is seeking more.

They want excitement.

They want personality.

They want an escape from the status quo.

Recently I was going over an email a client sent to me for review.

Technically, everything in the email was good. He followed the basic “rules.”

He had benefits, content, and a link to his offer.

It was still missing something.

There was no personality or brand to the email.

You could take that email and plug it into anyone else’s email sequence.

He missed the most important secret ingredient to effective email.

He lost himself.

It could be a story you tell.

Or it could be something tiny like a unique word you use, an insider joke for long-term subscribers, or inserting your core brand message again.

It’s not about the content anymore.

It’s about the “Kwan.”

Yes, that’s from the the movie Jerry Maguire.

In the movie, Rod Tidwell tells Jerry, “You’re my ambassador of kwan, man.”

Of course Jerry doesn’t know what that means, so Rod explains…
Yeah, man, it means love, respect, community… and the dollars too. The whole package. The kwan.”

It’s about the whole package of who you are and the benefits your brand delivers to them.

That’s what content marketing is all about.

Share that with your fans.

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Terry Dean
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