“I have a dream…”

Those are the famous words of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most well known speech.

He had a dream and a vision for a better world.

It drove him.  It motivated his listeners.  And it changed the world.

I love watching some of his speeches.    Here is a short 5 minute version from Youtube:

What is your dream?

What are you building for the future?

That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.  You’re not satisfied with the way things are right now.

You have the confidence to know you can change the world around you.

But you can’t do it alone.

You need to motivate others to pick up the torch and run with it.

That requires a passionate message that shakes up the status quo of your industry.

Quit playing it safe.

What is happening right now in your industry that makes you so angry you could scream?

What do you want to shout from the rooftops?

And here’s the big question…

What is holding you back from sharing that message?

Is it fear?

Are you worried that some of your potential customers will be offended?

Will you lose jv partners?

Some customers may turn their back on you.  Some jv partners might not even take your calls anymore.

But so what?

Those partners were holding you back.

And those customers weren’t right for your business anyway.

I’ve seen CPAs, psychologists, and chiropractors hold back on sharing marketing messages that could attract new clients and patients, because they were afraid of what their peers would say.

The message they want to share wasn’t “professional enough” for others to congratulate them.

Being an entrepreneur is a different world from being a good little employee in your mega corporation.

In the megacorporation, it’s often about politics, playing it safe, and making sure you don’t screw anything up enough to get noticed.

Treat your business like an employee…and you’ll simply disappear into the crowd.

As an entrepreneur, you will take risks.

You can reduce risk and manage it, but you won’t eliminate it.

Here’s an important mindset shift you must make as a small business entrepreneur.

You don’t want every customer in your marketplace.

You can’t help everyone.

A strong message is there to sort and sift your leads.

Attract the right clients and repel those you don’t want to work with anyway.

Customers who aren’t right for you could find you repulsive!

Am I trying to repel some customers?


I don’t want the BSO crowd (Bright Shiny Objects) who are always jumping on every new thing.

That whole mentality is all about quick bucks, loopholes, and short-term solutions that don’t last.

I’m looking for Internet Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who want to earn money by adding value to their client’s lives, work less by outsourcing more, and enjoy life by loving what they do.

If you’re an internet lifestyle entrepreneur…or want to become one, this link is for you…


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